The Rundown: Everything Gundy Said after First Practice in Full Pads

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Gundy talks Martin, Evers, Richardson and Harper.

Alot going on. Alot of guys.

Didn’t watch the video, did Gundy really speak like a 2nd grader or was this just typed up poorly? That isn’t sarcasm or snarkiness by the way, it’s completely within Gundy’s nature to talk extremely weird so I’m legitimately asking. Lol

He does talk weird when trying to explain stuff I have noticed

Not sure what top ten we have been in the last decade as he pointed out.

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Top 10 in the Big 12. That’s what he was talking about.

That’s it

Wish I couldn’t relate to the getting up two time a night punch line.

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So any thoughts if gundy actually has to and will open the play book from the first whistle that blows and run up the scores to look As much appealing to other conferences as he can? I will tell you this, if he plays vanilla through the non con and does what he has in the past then this guy is dumber than I thought.

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I think he’s purposely trying to get into a G5 conference so that way he can brag on the media that he’s had several 10 win teams over the next decade.

Sounds great