The Rundown: Everything Mike Boynton Said at His First Media Availability of the Year

Originally published at: The Rundown: Everything Mike Boynton Said at His First Media Availability of the Year | Pistols Firing

Boynton discusses the summer and the upcoming season.

Personally, I’m not going to miss Likelele. There were parts of his game I appreciated, but, in the end, you have to be able to score – and he was awful. Very Gottlieb-like at the FT line.

Well is game depended on others. His freshman year they had guys that could hit an open 3. He hustled

Pretty refreshing listening to boynton talk about his team and his expectations without walking away knowing as much as you did before he spoke.

Just answers all questions without all the repetitive coach talk.

Lmao ok but i would like to see him not give us the non coaching treatment on the court.

It’s coming

If he hasnt changed his offense, it wont be coming

Basketball brings in very little money. Got him at a very good price. I’m assuming you are making this about gundy so if you are then what’s the difference between gundy having winning records with poor to below average recruiting with one conference championships in 18 years and getting paid in the top half of coaches salary and boynton having took us to our first post season turny in forever with below coaches salary with above average recruiting with all the hardships he has had during his stay? If schools cash cow is basketball then you might have a point to put him on the hot seat but in no way because of theses reasons should he be right now :roll_eyes:.

Gundy has everything laid out in front of him on a silver platter this year so the real question is he a good enough coach to take advantage and win his second conference championship? If history repeats its self you know and I know that answer. It starts this Saturday and we will see.

I like boynton. Hus teams do het defense. Anyone can see he is not an offensive guru.

I havent yet seen any improvement. Still is able to recruit.

All of this is about boynton. Nothing to do with gundy. A real evaluation.

Who made you the forum monitor. I sorry you can read. Obviously people can read my post because the response. I do not repeat myself. But , since you cant read you wouldnt know.
@ar1 this is a forum not your private editorial page. I only reply to stupid post thats why i always respond to yours. You hate my response because it proves you wrong and small