The Rundown: Everything Mike Gundy Said after Oklahoma State's Loss to West Virginia

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Gundy talks the season, the rain and Spencer Sanders.

Allow me to sum it up:


On whether he has conversations in the coming days with players on their decision to return or not

“No, I don’t have those conversations. A little bit different times today. These players have conversations with their family and their representatives. And at some point they’ll let us know two, three weeks from now probably. I don’t get involved in those conversations.”

On why he doesn’t get involved in those conversations

“I mean, what am I going to say? It’s their future, it’s their career. They’ll have a representative, they’ll have family members that’ll have thoughts on what they want to do. The head coach is really not a factor in that.”

Wow. This screams mass exodus in the off season. Good thing Gundy likes to utilize the portal and recruit well. Oh wait…


“But I did tell the team that they’re going to get a week off. They need a week off. We need a week off.”

If I were in your position I would be spending my week off religiously looking at the transfer portal and seeing who I can get to come here. Considering I just lied to my entire fan base about having depth and make 7.5 mil a year. :roll_eyes:


i can’t bring myself to give a sh1t. so uninspiring. so unbelievably inept.


You can just tell that Gundy Is old and the number one reason that he’s out there is to be with the players versus winning championships. He knows he doesn’t have long to do this. When you get older you just loose that testosterone and it makes you well you know not as motivated and you thinking changes to just start enjoying what’s out in front of you a lot more. Science is a crazy thing. We also have a coach that doesn’t have to look over his shoulder vs fighting for your job the first three years of a coaches life. He did good but he needs to pull a stoops and pass the Baton.


If Low T is the problem, there are plenty of therapy options out there to help with this. Perhaps it needs to be added to his contract lol.

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I had a strong feeling he’d be all about excuses with injuries and so forth.

Ridiculous, EVERY head coach in Murica is gonna have those talks w/ players except good ole Gumby.

Did you know he gets a million dollar boost every season, so next year it’s 8.5 mill? Year after that 9.5 million, etc. He needs to refund about half for what we got this season, or funnel some of that and get some better assistants.

@jeff42 He should move on then. He played NOT TO LOSE far too many times this season. He will NOT fire an assistant but needs to as well as hire a special teams coach instead of an “analyst” which can’t coach during games. They’re called SPECIAL teams for a reason. When’s the last time we had one who wasn’t a grad assistant or an analyst, 2005???