The Rundown: Everything Mike Gundy Said at His Pre-Kansas State News Conference

Originally published at: The Rundown: Everything Mike Gundy Said at His Pre-Kansas State News Conference | Pistols Firing

On K-State, the run game and more.

Dealing with the portal and players telling Gundy my parents think I should go to the portal, I deserve this and that would be a brain cramp to deal with. I like what Gundy said about we aren’t as tough as we were some years

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O-Line better be ready.


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Your question doesn’t even dignify a response.

Yes it does why should we be scared of ksu. You just cant answer it.

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Because our O-Line has been horrible and injury plagued for years. Jesus Christ you are dumb.

I thought you mite have real analysis. No, just your same crying bit.

Ksu front is limping in to this game. They still have a big ng who will push the middle. There best sacker has be hurt all year just not as affective. Duke another sack guy will definitely be out the first half. Ksu guys act like there middle linebacker is out. If he does play he has major rib issues.

We are getting wilson back he was ready last game.

Your obsession with the line and sanders is that an obsession.

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A limp K-State line is better than a healthy OSU O-Line any day of the week.

Your an odd duck. Ive been happy 6 times this year, you have been happy once. Why are you a cowboy fan.

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I have been happy six times as well. But I always know that there is defeat looming at every game. After 16 years of nothing what do you expect???

Here is the biggest way to know your not REALISTIC, like you think you are. If you thought we had any chance 16 years ago, your a bigger idiot then we thought.

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You are right…it was 11 years ago we had a chance. Nothing since then.

So your saying your more a debbie downer then a happy kat. Because you only say things good after being called out. But, you freely let the chit fly.

Its not what i expect its what you expect. You came in saying we werent going to win. I came in at 9 and 3. Were in second so i guess we our were both expected. Which means your crying.

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I see now joy was at least smart enough to have a response that wasn’t just absolutely dumb like yours. You aren’t a fan gumball you’re a troll and not a very good one Dam I’m dumber after reading your comments :cowboy_hat_face:

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Bro. I have no idea what you are trying to say. Your sentences make zero sense.

Im sorry english is not your first language. You can answer it so you deflect.

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Again, words are hard…

Again what. You can answer why you an idiot.

What was your preseason prediction. Im sure we passed that. Were going bowling. Yes baby. Cry cry

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My preseason prediction was 9-3 with no conference title. I have said it several times.