The Rundown: Gundy on Leadership, the Open Week and Chuba Hubbard

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Everything Gundy said at his Thursday news conference.

Unfortunately there just gets to be a point where, in my opinion, which is not always right, but in my opinion, where you feel like everything has just kind of flattened out and we need a change. We need some new energy. Need a change in scheme. Those guys fell victim to that.

Can anyone tell me better reason for a new coach?

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Seeing a huge difference in Gundy’s language and connection t the players in the Amen question compared to the last few years.

This year Gundy said:
“But Amen and Malcolm [Rodriguez] and Tyler Lacy and Rodarius [Williams] and Christian [Holmes], a number of guys, [Tanner] McCalister, on defense they practice hard.”

In the past that would have been:
“But 7 and 20 and 89 and 8 and 0, a number of guys, 2, on defense they practice hard.”

It’s not just player numbers any more. He’s naming them all. It’s more personal. You used to ha to be a star for Gundy to use your name.

“Rep-wise at quarterback, those guys [Sanders and Illingworth] are splitting it, and [Ethan] Bullock grabs the three reps.”

He is essentially saying Bullock will be lucky to step on the field again in his time at OSU. He’ll probably put Dillion Stoner in at QB before firing Bullock back out there.

Ar1 u need a reason for new coach.:thinking::wink::joy: unlike u I do need a reason.

I think the players were mad because when they look down or in the mirror they didn’t hear there #.:crazy_face::shushing_face::rofl:

What r u saying joe, u want to start Bullock

kind of flattened out and we need a change. We need some new energy. Need a change in scheme.

Presto, right from Gundy’s mouth.

Just wish he would quit saying things like “I wish I knew” when asked why his defense is better, or “we simplify things for kids to be able to come in and play immediately”, or “we’ve had the same schemes for years and and we are going to continue them because that’s who we are”. He’s schemes are simple and it shows with how many of our defensive and skill players make it in the NFL. Our guys are way behind when they get to the league🤷‍♂️. Maybe other coaches use this aginst him in recruiting.

No. What I’m saying is if it comes down to Bullock being our only QB option (if Sanders and Illingworth get injured) I’d rather put Stoner in at QB since he played some QB in school.

Wasn’t Stoner the guy who threw the game-losing interception against TCU in '17? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I get what you’re saying. And in my opinion, Gundy was smokescreening… he was just answering politely out of respect for those coaches. I’m sure it was more specific than that. Fact is, while you could use the same reasoning for him, look at the results this year… Top defense, players playing for one another, low number of Covid cases, and game management has been above average (IMO). What’s not to like about all that? Kansas fired Mangino because they thought they could do better - how’d that work out for them? Texas fired Mack, Strong,… they’re about to fire Herman… how’s that working out for them?

Mangino was fired for hitting a player, (doesn’t leave you with a lot of choices) l don’t think K State took a step back (we’ll see ) Baylor made a coaching change and did alright. OU seems to have found a pretty good coach. Finding a coach that can win one conference title in 15 years may sound too difficult to you but over half of the teams in the conference have won a conference title in the last 15 years.

No. That was McClesky trying to throw it to Stoner. Which a few years ago I mentioned why didn’t Yurcich use a former QB (Stoner) to throw that pass to Ateman. Instead he used McClesky to toss it to Stoner.

Which is why I said hire a guy that has succeeded everywhere he’s went. PJ Fleck is in his early 40’s. He took Western Michigan to a BCS bowl and he took Minnesota to the Big 10 CCG last season.

Mangino did not hit a kid they fired him cause he was fat. Kstate is on their 2nd try( woulndnt have a 3rd). Baylor’s good choice is in the NFL. How’s kansas, Nebraska, tech, texas. Doing after firing winning coach’s. I’ve asked this over and over who do we hirer. Names somebody and I’ll tell why that won’t work or we will have them for 4 yrs.

Fleck has no texas ties. U want to bring a bunch of slow northern guys here. Ku u tried a guy out of the mac and lost a coach to Minnesota.

He has a system, in college can get 3 star guys to do well. Were not the only team in the big 12 that players don’t last long. I loved Brandon and glad he made money, but did u really think he was nfl great.

In 2007, Mangino received several national coach of the year honors after leading the Jayhawks to their only 12-win season in school history and an Orange Bowl victory. However, he resigned as coach at Kansas two seasons later following allegations of mistreatment of players.[[9]]

Same thing that went down in Lubbock. The administration didn’t want him and paid off to leave. They force mason out too. Ku u thought they were on a roll. Nothing came out of the " student’s complaints ", it actually was weaker case then Lynch’s.