The Rundown: Gundy Talks Central Michigan, Coaching Past 65 and More

Originally published at: The Rundown: Gundy Talks Central Michigan, Coaching Past 65 and More | Pistols Firing

Gundy said a lot of good stuff Thursday.

“So, you know, then you get to what is a leader? Some people use the term, lead by example. Navy SEALs don’t believe in that, right? They say you have to be vocal to be a real leader.”

In the Army you’re told to be both.

Thats why you confused your a grunt. Grunts arent leaders.

The grunts were the ones that found Saddam Hussein when nobody else could.

You really say some of the weirdest stuff.


Change your profile pic like you said you would. 7 days until game day.

What was the wager?

“ we always have to worry about the health of the offensive line here at Oklahoma state” end quote. Why the hell can’t some one ask this mullet why do we have to always worry about the heath of the offensive line at Oklahoma state? So f’n frustrating!

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I know this is a question i will regret asking. Do you know how well the other 9 teams olines are.

Iv never seen a college power five team go in a drought 11years in a row with a half asssss line in all my life. I know that didn’t answer your question but it’s really unbelievable. It’s time this man tells us why.

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Your rite gundy is holding a secret about our oline

Unbelievable this elephant in the room.

Mullet must be paying journalist a lot of money to not ask the question.

That you need to post a pic of you celebrating each game osu scores a td

If Gundy wins back-to-back bedlam games I’ll change my picture. Good luck!!!

Why you real pic now is great.

When we start winning are you going to keep crying

I won’t change it then if that’s how you feel.