The Rundown: Gundy Talks Early Struggles, Quarterbacks after Bedlam

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What Mike Gundy said after Bedlam.

Fire gundy

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I can’t watch his coaching anymore

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Stick a fork in him, he’s done. Actually he was done several years ago. There’s just too many that drink the orange cool-aid. He’s in the top ten paid coaches. OState has top 10 facilities. But can’t recruit in top 40. To top it off, can’t win the important games—to make it to the Big 12 Championship. Same old same ole.


“You gotta play the hand you’ve been dealt“

Unfortunately for us, we have Mike Gundy as the hand we’ve been dealt with.

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Gundy decision making:

  1. It’s 27-7 and he runs the ball on 3rd and 7 from the OU 20 yard line to eventually kick a FG.

  2. He punts the ball from the OU 39 yard line down 21 with 12 minutes to go in the game.

  3. He has 40 seconds left and all three timeouts before halftime. Instead of at least attempting a downfield pass, he runs the clock out going into halftime (just like Bedlam 2016, but only this time the game isn’t tied).

If I were an OSU player I would be pretty pissed. Knowing my coach decided to raise the white flag and surrender even when the odds of a come back win look bleak. What kind of message of hope do you send to the players pulling stunts like that? You ask them to be motivated for a game but continuously make decisions to help crush their souls or whatever motivation they may have left.

The entire situation is stupid. Gundy asks the defense to play better (which they did in the second quarter and some in the third quarter). Then he cap it off with punting from the 39 yard line and send them back out on the field? Don’t you think the defense would at least appreciate Gundy making an attempt to score?

No wonder Gundy can’t recruit in the Top 25 any longer. He is basically telling every good recruit on national television “If you come to OSU. You can expect this to happen!!”. Yeah…I’m sure they want to play for a coach that isn’t interested in winning big games.

Take the tombstone clip off the video board and the stupid kid rock songs as well. This football team should just run out to Great Depression era video with the song Hard Times in the Mill by Pete Seeger.


Unfortunately nothing new here. Talk, talk, talk by the coaches and spiritless players.

Comp/Att 15-40

Shouldn’t blame the players at all. Disheartening for them to play behind the 8-ball due to below-average coaching and playcalling on both sides. Gumby obviously had his hand in both!!!

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Anybody that still supports this coach is out of touch with reality.


When you have an OL that is decimated from kicking off two starters, injuries to 4 more we don’t have the depth to overcome that. The goons were superior in both lines, except for Ford… he played his as# off. Chuba is hurt, we couldn’t get the ball to Wallace enough. It’s hard to throw the ball running for your life… I’ve always defended Gundy but I don’t see the fire, the passion needed to win the big games, especially undermanned

The head coach is not going to get fired. Ya’ll need to get stay calm and carry on.

I agree they won’t fire Gundy, but what do we have to lose? There is not another coach who can average 4th in the conference?

You never heard me say he would be fired… sixteen years in one place is a long time. Whenever Mike does go, I’ll thank him for hope in our program again. He just never got over the ledge. There are a bunch out there that would love to have the record we have had for the last 10 years