The Rundown: Gundy Talks Injuries, Kansas State Win

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Gundy said a lot of guys scarcely practiced this week.

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It was nice to see a sweep play called instead of 90% up the middle runs.

Robert Allen in the post game show expressed his theory that the offense looked sluggish during the first half because they had not yet shaken off the loss to Texas. Anyone who was aware of the many injuries on offense would have realized they were not effective because they did not practice much due to injury as Gundy disclosed after the game. I think Robert should save his psychoanalysis for the high school games he covers.

The problem was at QB. Sanders was limping and was off on his throws. I wonder why Gundy seems to rather lose the game than bring Illingworth in the game. The backup has already proven he can play at a high level.

How about the sputtering, limping Sanders? It was obvious K State was stacking against the run when it saw Sanders throws were consistently off. Is Gundy saving Illingworth for something? The backup has already shown this season he has poise and passing ability!

Sanders has several more games under his belt than Rattler but Sanders seems to not be at the level of Rattler. Maybe it’s the system that Gundy runs? 6 games in Riley’s Qb’s all look like Heisman candidates and so far most of them are. How many of you think Gundy will ever have a Heisman Heisman QB? Are Gundy’s qb’s dumber than Riley’s qb’s? Is it just the system? And isn’t that coaching?

Last year a couple of football players went out for wrestle. Smith should since some of those lackluster he over to be off lineman. Why is shane in that brace. Is he 100 and it’s just protection. Or is he 80 and really needs more time?

If u want osu fans to believe ur post, then u think osu fans are dumber then ou fans. Ou fans may want a heisman, but they know he lost 3 4th quarter leads. Just to get back even he will need comebacks in all his last games. That goes the same for Reilly coaching.:thinking::shushing_face::innocent::cowboy_hat_face: rattler is closer to a mediocre qb then a heisman.

Baker Mayfield Kyler Murray both won the Heisman, Jalen Hurts came in second. My guess is Rattler gets an invitation at least in the next couple years.

I’m not saying he won’t but not this yr. Also they r getting tired of ou qb not winning, so he may not.

You might want to do a little research, freshman are not the most common Heisman winners.

I noticed you didn’t mention the fact that Gundy’s qb’s never preform or advance like Riley’s.

That’s because they don’t

U ask questions I already know. I know the history of the trophy. I don’t care about nfl. But I know alot of Gundy’s qb got pay checks. The proudest day was when weedon con Cleveland in to a big pay check. I know he was a nfl qb. Did they even see his 40 time. Anyone the best job in the world is to be a backup nfl qb.

Actually shane should look at Whedon’s tapes. Weedon did get the ball out fast also had a quick release( if u know the difference). I would say sanders needs too, but I think he is already gone.

Randolph like Sanders held the ball to long.

I used to think if we recruited better then maybe we would have more of a chance playing for big 12 titles but I don’t think that anymore. Gundy would find a way to handcuff the good teams as well. Wonder what Riley could and would do with this offense and would it look the same? My money is it would be a real contender for the final four.

The difference in OU’s offense and ours is Rattler can have 2 or 3 turnovers and still win by 20 and sanders can turn the ball over 2 or 3 times and we will lose because our offense in like molasses in the freezer.