The Rundown: Gundy Talks Run Game Struggles, COVID/Injury Issues

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What Gundy said at his weekly media luncheon.

“I’m gonna guess five, six times one of the front five guys up front was not as good as what we want him to. It wasn’t really mental mistakes. It was more just — well, they get to coach too, their guys defeated the block and our guys didn’t finish the block. That’s really what it came down to.“

Did he not say in his presser last week he was comfortable with the offensive line?


Yea, and he also said for the 500th time we’ve ran the same plays here forever LOL :joy: this guy​:man_shrugging:


I won’t get into the petty personal remarks about Gundy but he said he is not concerned or will overreact because he knows what is going on. Typical fans might overreact because they don’t know. I guess I’m a typical fan because my reaction to what I saw last Saturday was overreaction of concern in many areas.

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Ole Miss has the offense we should be running by now. We were years ahead of them running a hurry-up spread. Innovation, Gumby, innovate something. We make it a lot harder on our O-line being so dang predictable. Pathetic.

It’s the three point offense that gundy runs. Live and die by the three. It’s analytics. That offense sucks and he continues to run this crap.


Throw a bomb and chances are better that you either catch it or you draw a flag then get it picked off or just don’t catch it.

Riley must subscribe to the same rule. Since their kick was their mvp. Made 3 fg. Missed one they would have lost. I love how morons come up with a thought, then just types it up. Try and run it by a sane friend first.

That’s why I didn’t tag you

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Well u covered all the options, thanks.

Well thanks. I’m not ur friend but I am sane.

You think Reilly will have his team preforming better than gundy’s team in the next 4 weeks?

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I’m here waiting on your answer…

Why would I care what ur hero is going to do.

I’m glad u want my educated views. I had another moron I had to answer. U guys sure get in a hurry for rejection.

Still waiting…

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I gave my answer. Just because it’s not ur answer. It’s evident ur not a lawyer. Only ask a question u know the answer.

What does that mean? When you can answer my question let me now

If I was u u better hope he gets his act together. This is a big year for riley. Two lose and no playoffs this year will hurt his position in norman.
Him have a high level of recruits he should.

You answer like your dumb coach does. Like two peas in a pod. Run around an answer and talk jibberish.