The Rundown: Gundy Talks Sanders, Hubbard and More Post West Virginia

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Gundy says Spencer Sanders could’ve played Saturday.

It was to the point, Like Gundy is. I’m surprised all the gundy haters aren’t out. Just think u could have the great riley ( ou coach). He only blow a 21 point lead. I now how u guys want a younger more dynamic coach. It would be nice Sanders comes back agaisnt ku, so we know what he is playing like.

Ideally, I would hold out Sanders from the KU game because there is a bye week after that which would give him 4 weeks to really heal and be ready for the Baylor game. OSU can beat Kansas with Illingworth. We don’t need to cut short Sander’s healing. When a coach says a player could have played, that doesn’t always mean that the player is fully healed. It could mean that he is well enough to play with the linger effects of the injury. Let him fully heal and also allow Illingworth to gain more experience since he might be needed down the road because Sanders runs so much and is a risk for injury.

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Sure make sure he is go to go. But, ku is a great chance to get game to a guy who was rough at times. Plus, he really hasn’t had game time for a year. I would like to see if he check off to second rec. And see Dunn game plan for him. Play qt or half. If ready of course.

The great riley is still better than Gundy everytime.

Ar1 why r u on here. If u love ou go to there site. Riley blow a 21 put lead in the 4th. I would fine it hard if any of the last 6 ku coach’s could do that. Some body will get fired over this ou ksu game. Riley ( young dynamic) didn’t motivate 51 4 and 5 star players. Get real.

He’s won the conference every year he has been in it and never lost to Gundy. If OU was to lose the next 3 games I still wouldn’t bet on Gundy against them.

Riley did build that program. Name any coach that has more then 2 wins against ou. Back in 8o’s we to good coach and good teams. Jones and Johnson never beat ou. Crying about ur love for riley and wishing to be great like ou won’t change reality. It’s just bad luck in the ou game, last bad luck 2018 a missed extra point cost that game. How miss extra points do u have 1 in two or 3 yrs. I have no idea who u expect to hire to bring us to the promised land. Saban yeah. I know u want to bring back miles. Miles will be fired in his 5th yr at ku unless some one hires first. Firing good coaches has never worked out. Ku ,tech Nebraska… all still have not got back to what they had. U think ou is so great we own them even more in wrestling.