The Rundown: Mike Gundy Talks Cheez-It Bowl, Tylan Wallace

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Mike Gundy says Cheez-Its are a hit at his house.

Great job this season coach :muscle: let’s continue to get better hopefully we will have a great bowl game

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Well gundy, glad your excited about a cheez-it bowl besides about two osu fans but not here buddy. Bowl games have lost their value. Nobody cares about the cheez-it bowl or any other except the dance. I think that’s what 4 teams getting in than 2 did to bowl games. Just think if they went to an 8 team playoff. Bowl games would be non existent.

Of course Gundy would take us to a bowl named after the one snack that I’m literally allergic to. 2020 continues to pour it on.

With the talent and expectations this team had going into the season I can’t say I agree with it being a great job. Next year looks to be a tough one with us losing s lot of upper class men but hopefully we’ll see some growth

“I’m a strong believer in we finish what we started.”

So if the goal is 4th place in the conference then that’s where he’ll lead the team. Thanks coach!!!

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