The Rundown: What Mike Gundy Said after Oklahoma State's Win against Kansas

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On Spencer Sanders, the defense and playing younger players.

No doubt everyone played really well last night. But none of Gundy’s answers included one reason we looked so good was because Kansas is not a talented team. We played great against a very bad team.

I think everyone knows that. The head coach isn’t going to disrespect the other program by mentioning they’re not any good. Couldn’t really ask for OSU football to play better than what they did.


As a coach you’re not going to just say the other team sucks. It’s called respect.


I can’t figure out how OU could have struggled against KU in that first half, unless the difference between OSU and OU playing KU is our great defense?


Homecoming at night vs 11 am in Lawrence would be a big piece.

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If so, then we can all hope that the Sooners will again be half awake during Bedlam.
I would be remiss if I didn’t shout out to Joe who had been calling for Ethan Bullock to be put in a game.