The Rundown: What Mike Gundy Said Ahead of OSU’s First Spring Practice

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On spring expectations, Derek Mason and more.

I am surprised no one asked him about the transfer portal. For the past several years, it seems like we have gained more than we lost from the portal, but that has not been the case this year. We need urgent help at linebacker, running back, and OLine. I was hoping that would come via the portal, but that has not really materialized. Is it that guys are still waiting to decide where they want to play or have we missed the boat this cycle?

No one has the gumption to ask the hard questions that everybody wants to know. Journalists talk a big game but are scared to loose a good interview or get in close for good stories or gossip if you will with him.

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Your right they only come after him over T-shirts’

“and obviously Dunn’s system is not gonna change.”

Ummm…I hope for his sake it does some. I would like to avoid another repeat of the Big 12 championship game if we’re lucky enough to get there this season.

Maybe Gundy will be able to win a second conference title after OU and Texas leave but I’m not going to hold my breath. After last year, he can’t blame it on OU being so much better than everyone else in the conference.

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Checking out the photo of Tyler Lacy at, I had this thought: he’s huge…could he move inside to DT? We have so many good DEs…

Move him to OT.

They had to cut Pro Day short today because Malcolm Rodriguez wouldn’t stop with the bench.