The Rundown: What Mike Gundy Said Ahead of the Cheez-It Bowl

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On Miami and a crazy 2020.

Good chance to go out on a positive note with how sour most of the 2nd half of the year was. Especially with next year’s outlook, a win could do a lot of good going into 2021. Beating Miami isn’t an easy task.


There r alot of good .beat mainly higher rank. Stay for sure in top 20. Another bowl win. Not a loss

I think the main focus for fans will be wanting to see if there is noticeable improvement in Sanders’ reads, quickness of release, and throwing accuracy. And the other focus will be savoring each throw to Tylan Wallace realizing what he has done and that this is the last time we see him play for OSU. Also hoping to see Stoner get a nice share of the targets. Once again, if not for the decimation of the O line, what a promising season this would have been.
I would let LD Brown heal even further by not playing him. We now have 2 good RBs in there and I’m eager to see what they can do against a pretty good team.

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“This is something they’re going to remember for the rest of their life.”

I agree. They will look back in the 2020 season and how their coach gave up in the Bedlam game and then didn’t coach at all in the TCU game. They will always remember they could’ve been good enough to get to the CCG since they were projected to be the #2 team in the conference, but their coach holding the philosophy that three mediocre seasons is better than a CCG appearance led them to one of the lesser bowls in a year they should’ve been competing for the conference and a New Years Six bowl game.

Didn’t seem to be too much of a task for UNC and the Mack Daddy!!! I think our biggest challenge in this game will be preventing Gundy from beating himself.

I’m very confident that even with our original O line that Gundy would’ve found a way to finish 3rd or lower. After all, wouldn’t you rather have three average to above average seasons in a row instead of playing for a conference title?

It was a great season for all cowboys. I hope they play good and stay safe . Iui ts not going to be as fun but it’s a big game

Dosent matter who wins. Only the 4. Always going to be vital players that makes up these teams that opt out so your stuck with two different teams. Yea it’s stupid.

To be fair, their two best Defensive players were out, and if they won that game they’d be just outside the playoff conversation. They did get smoked though, you’re right. I saw where the three National offensive players of the week that week were Dillon stoner, and both of UNC’s RBs. Both had over 250 yards.:joy: I don’t know if that’s ever happened. I’d like to see Jackson and Richardson do something like that. Especially because it means the ball stays out of sanders inept hands.

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It’s called efficient recruiting. Mack Brown does it but Mike Gundy doesn’t. Then we wonder why we can’t compete for a conference title, beat OU, or get embarrassed in New Years Six bowl games.