The Rundown: What Mike Gundy Said at the Fiesta Bowl News Conference

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Gundy talks about his last trip to the Fiesta Bowl, trying to schedule Notre Dame and keeping Jim Knowles.

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Glad to hear coach Gundy saw the game as that of mere inches. Sorry coach, that is not why we lost. The offense without key players due to injuries was crap, and the same can be said about the play calling.

I’m done with Dunn as the OC. The guy just can’t call good plays or formulate an effective offensive gameplan. He’s a great receivers coach & receivers recruiter, but the dude just can’t call a game.

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And what about Tim Rattay? I thought this guy was a coveted QB-whisperer who could develop QB’s into studs? Sanders is a great kid by all counts but come on man. He just has not gotten any better.

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This mite help u out.
When u final go in for that brain transplant.
The top surgeon is sick. Do u say hey let’s go with the resident. He knows all the plays, rite.

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You can’t spell. You can’t construct logical sentences or convey coherent thoughts in any way, shape, or form. Attempting to make sense of your scatterbrained BS is an effort in futility. Your presence makes this blog a less intelligent place. Sit this one out, tool.


Real u old brain just explode I didn’t know people could cry on the inside.
Ur the idiot who wants to fire a coach who is 11 and 2, 19 and 5 over 2 years.
U may not read well, but u know less about football

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“But I’m excited about Oklahoma State and the way people recognize us now coast to coast.”

3 times this week I’ve had people ask who our next coach will be.

Well I’ve had 0 people ask me that question this week so I guess it’s a wash.

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Dude that’s people pulling ur leg. I’m sure everybody u known have every meet knows u hate gundy.
U were punked.