The Rundown: What Mike Gundy Said during His Weekly Media Luncheon

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Gundy gives solid quotes on Barry Sanders’ big night.

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Well Joey did u read why the defense is so good? No mention of Knowles. It was maturity. Lmao ur such an yahoo even gundy doesn’t want to pay Knowles. With how many super seniors coming back next year they could coach themselves.

Someone had to create game plans for the defense. Also, someone had to develop those young players into being as good as they are right now.

I guess you missed the part where Gundy said “I didn’t think our defense could play that good”. Well…that’s what happens when you have a coach like Knowles that invests time into creating solid schemes and isn’t afraid playing to win.

Last time I checked Gundy isn’t the one creating the defensive schemes or coaching the defensive players.

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Believe what u want Joey u always do

I wasn’t wrong. Maybe think about what you want to post next time before posting it.

Ur an idiot. My whole point gundy did put maturity over Knowles. I like Knowles but having 20 4 year players is a big deal

“Where he is a leg ahead or above other people on game day is as a play caller,” said Gundy. “He’s fantastic. It’s just a fact.”

You want to be right, and win an argument so bad you just can’t stand it. How about you support both the fact the defense is mature, and also that Knowles is a good DC? Now you are just arguing to argue. Just give it up.

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Ur an idiot. I give up. U really are the stupidest person I know. Knowles is a nice DC.

He is something that mite get u to understand about maturity.
Compare the strating eleven this year and last year.
We basically lost Williams and the lb. Throw in ford and sterling. I would say the starting eleven were better then this year’s eleven. Last year’s went down hill toward the end. Thus year with being a year old and so many with the top 30 are doing better. It’s not coaching or scheme, that’s the same. It’s maturity.
Another thing Spencer never had this good of a d line.
Which alot of them he recruit.
I will guarantee if Knowles had 5 or so under classmen out there is play calling would be different too.

That’s what children say when they have nothing else credible to hit back at a person.

No that’s what smart people said before iq test

So schemes and game plans by a competent coach showing his players film of what to look for as well don’t help in the further development of them becoming a better player? Anything to not give Knowles any kind of credit.

R u this much of an idiot or do u say stupid things to get attention. Did ur daddy only notice u when u screwed up

You do realize football is more than just a physical game right? If Knowles didn’t have anything to do with the development of the players or how well the defense is we wouldn’t get better as the years progress.

We would be like OU who decides to be good one year and inconsistent the next in defense. We would be like Texas that can’t stop a nose bleed no matter what players or coaches they have running their defense.

You only said this because you don’t have anything!!! Just admit he’s made the defense better every year he’s been here.

So u do know what development is. So u final understand the importance of a mature player.
Yes its great to get a 5 star physical the are better. But a 3 star can mature into a great player.

If we are in the business of turning three stars into four stars then we should start getting into the business of turning four stars into five stars.

U still are doubling down on ur stupidity.
I dnt care about ur thoughts on the short comings of the gundy football team. But I will make fun of u until u learn.
U better explain the to Knowles. Dunn has six 4 stars out of 10 recruits.

Then don’t respond.

Good. We need better players to make up for the consistent lack of innovation on the offensive side of the ball.

I respond to make fun of u.
Get a few defensive classes like this we will need the best offense and payoff the refs.