The Shorthanded Cowboys Just Keep Finding Ways to Win

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The Pokes have survived thus far on defense, luck and grit. But is that sustainable?

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This will be a big test next week.
Ksu will have the best defense we will see.
On both offenses, better get use to what u saw from us last week. Ksu lost Skylar and threw 13 passes.
We will hope we actually gain players for next week.
Do u remember last years game.

We have a tradition at OSU. Whenever the opposing team has to use a backup QB, that guy then looks like an All Big 12 team candidate against us.
The only conference game that I would lay down a bet for a Cowboy victory would be against Kansas University. This is not a knock against the coaching staff, this is an opinion based on the number of key injuries this team has. A hard pill to swallow.

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“Well we try to simplify it for our offense. The reason we ran so much against Boise State was to set up for a pass we had no intention of throwing. Mainly because we’re scared to death of turning the ball over even though we did when we ran it a billion times.

Sometimes as coaches we have to outcoach ourselves to confuse the other team and become really unpredictable. Even if they key in on what your doing you keep doing it until they try something else.”

Mike Gundy


Every week will be a big test Roberto. I’m mean it’s not rocket science buddy lol

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Yep, the Boise game definitely reminded me of the KState game in Manhattan last year.

Hopefully KState’s QB1 won’t be available this weekend - they’re a different offensive team when he’s on the field.


Skylar is walk around with a brace no crutches. so not sure if he will go.

No! You can expect the defense to win every game.

Not if Skylar Thompson is out. Without him they’re not quite the threat on offense.

It will look like last year and last week. The will bring a good running game.