The Supporting Goods Thread

Looking back, Boynton was instrumental in their team success during his tenure as an assistant at SFA. They went 89-14 in three seasons.

After Underwood took the Oklahoma State job, Boynton had hopes to become the next head coach at SFA. Admittedly, he was discouraged after finding out he was not going to be the Lumberjacks next leader.

Instead, decides to take his talents up north when Underwood extends him a spot as an assistant on his staff. After Underwoods lone season coaching in the Big Xll, he hurrys to leave for the Big Ten.

Coach Boynton, at the time, did not know he had been interviewing all year long for the head coaching job in Stillwater, OK. Staying true to who he was, was a key factor in solidifying his postion as the next head coach in orange and black.

That was quite the move made by Mike Holder. Took plenty of heat for it, but was way beyond worth it. It is not easy by any means to rebuild a program, let alone as first time head coach.

With Underwood leaving Oklahoma State high and dry and in a hurry, he left behind possibly a very valuable assest. Boynton had hoped to be named a head coach in the Southland conference, but in due time, God had something better in store, in the Big XII, located in Stillwater, OK.


Is this the thread where I give my sacrificial tithes?


I have 2 students on campus who have met The Coach. They say he is a consummate gentleman, a class guy and we have seen that he can recruit (and I think year 1 showed he can coach). He’s family now. I’m for giving Holder the mandate to keep him no matter what; make him a deal that he can’t refuse and stay a step ahead of the wolves that will undoubtedly chase after him. If he wins the conference and makes a deep run into the tournament, give a lifetime deal. Nuff said.

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Ehh… Lets stay away from another Travis Ford situation please. I say this even as probably one of Boynton’s loudest supporters.


Perhaps now is a good time for the PFB staff to dust off that podcast Kyle and Carson had with newly hired Mike Boynton a couple of summers ago and at least share some of his quotes, etc. I remember listening to that with the family while on vacation that summer. Got me quite enthused about his potential. Now seeing that come to fruition from the school enthusiasm and recruiting perspectives - while holding a very high character standard - is exciting. Eager to see this translate to on court big-time success as well and I am quite optimistic there.


I hear you. But he is not a Travis Ford. I did say wait 'till he wins a championship. It is not often you find someone with character to go along with talent as a coach. I’ll try to be patient… but hurry up!

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To piggy back on Coach being a consummate gentleman, my sister was a Spur during her time at OSU and has nothing but incredible things to say about him. Most of the Spurs don’t interact with Coach much, but she said that she felt like the most important person Coach had ever met every single time they spoke. They played on Valentine’s Day one year and Coach paid for dinner for all of the Spurs out of his own pocket and, if I remember correctly, got every Spur a rose as a way of saying thank you for giving up your night to support the program. He seems like he generally cares about every single person in the organization and it is easy to see why he plays well in living rooms. Most guys have to try and sell their programs to parents as a safe and productive place for their kids. Coach lives it every day.


That’s my take.

I agree with both of you.

Gotta exercise caution…but if he wins a championship, that caution is being thrown out the window.


That’s a great story and completely reinforces what I see from a distance. Thanks for sharing.


“Our ultimate goal is to be one of the best programs in the country again,” Boynton said.

^ That’s from an article on Coach B from the main PF page.

Forgive me for a bit of anti-Gundy rhetoric, but this is why Coach B is so much different from Coach Gundy. It’s that salesmanship of Coach Boynton, that Coach Gundy can’t match.

Coach Boynton establishes outright that he wants to have one of the best programs. He wears it on his sleeve, for everyone to see out in the open, and takes ownership of the team. He’s basically implying that it’s all on his shoulders…and that’s perfectly fine. But it also indicates to all of the potential recruits out there that OSU is a place where you can come and kick some butt and be noticed for it. That you can make a name for yourself. And that OSU can compete with the supposed “big guys”.

Why can’t Gundy do this with the football team? Why can’t he say “we are going to beat our in-state rival and we are going to win a championship”…? What holds him back from selling OSU football for what it can be?

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I think Gundy sells it to recruits, I remember an article a couple years back where he talked about how he sells the idea of a NC, some buy it and he sells it harder, some don’t and he moves on, overall the roi just isn’t there for the, on the off chance kid. I think what you’re pointing out is that he doesn’t sell it to fans and on that front I’d agree but I also don’t think it’s necessarily wrong.

The rhetoric talk is for the fans. Would pump us up and more people would buy more tickets.


It’ll be full next year and by seasons end.


Naw fam, that is unnecessary in this thread, instead continue to support your cowboys, girls & coaches across all athletics, along with your Hornets tonight & beyond

Appreciate you sharing this. Definitely a tough road ahead, though I’m riding w/ coach until the rims fall off!

We live and learn & learn to live, coach has shown he is taking the road less travled.

“Never sought the spotlight, but was never afraid of it either.”

This balance reflects one Coach Boynton as well.

If you have time, peep this super dope article on Ashley Moyer-Gleich, a female NBA referee & her journey to the league.

Appreciate the goods you have shared.

Speaking it into existence, good lookin’ out for the squad