The Top 10 Plays of Oklahoma State's 2022 Season

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The top plays from the Cowboys’ season.

Great article. Glad to see you reporting on the team, instead of trying to make your own news. Keep turning that corner and you’ll have a bright future in sports journalism or whatever you decide to do.

Only recommendations on the article are:

  • Cowboy’s were a double OT field goal from spoiling TCU’s Natty run. Fans might think worth a mention.
  • Letting go for the CCG digs might actually benefit you and PFB. It spoils your primary audience’s ASMR experience.

Order is a little wonky. Doesn’t look like the ‘importance’ factor was included. Some of the bowl game plays don’t come close to comparing to that onside kick fair catch - that moment was incredibly tense and that play incredibly important to the possibility of OSU having a successful season (though we didn’t really capitalize on the ‘successful’ part the rest of the season…).