The Top 5 Quotes from Mike Gundy’s Monday News Conference

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Gundy talks quarterbacks, Kendal Daniels and more.

He doesn’t sound very enthusiastic about the offensive line. No need to worry here. We’re not either.

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I’d really like to see Rangel start and play the season. Huge part of me feels like we need someone mobile throwing the ball even with an average offensive line play. Zane seems pretty legit so far. Would really like to land that 5’10 mad running QB we’ve targeted. Can’t remember his name but he has a lot of offers and has some Lamar Jackson comparisons. Talked to Coach Pat Jones in person a couple weeks ago and we both agreed on how much the game and QB position has changed. I’m 37 and still like some old school football play but you’ve got to adjust/change with what other teams are doing unless your just really dominate at what you do till it doesn’t work anymore.

Im not sure if rangel should be the 4th qb.

If alan comes in with a good mindset, doesn’t try to force playes like sanders did, we will be good. If he gets hurt i think zane will be ready. Shane was ready with hardy any practice. Rangel mite be gone next portal.

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