The Top 5 Quotes from Mike Gundy’s Monday News Conference

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On Bowman’s knowledge of the offense, freshmen linemen and more.

“Offensively we can figure it out. We’ll be more effective rushing the ball.”

I hope so. We haven’t rushed for five yards a pop since 2019.


I hope we stay healthy through spring and summer.

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And then you have to go back to 2012 for the last time before that where we did it again. 12’ and 19’ are the only 2 times in the last decade+ of seasons. Thats nuts. Especially for this school. Wow.


It’s easy to make us one dimensional when our QB had 60 turnovers in 4 years. Good riddance.

Dickey at it again. The fact he made it through January blows my mind.

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Here I sit, watching and reading about the various Spring Games that happened all across the country in all conferences.


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This story is now 9 days old. How long does it stay as the lead?

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