The Top 5 Quotes from Mike Gundy's Bowl Announcement News Conference

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‘I’m anticipating a large, large majority of our team playing in this bowl.’

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Sounds like Nixon is about to hit the portal

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I figured that when he didn’t go to Arlington. Hopefully we can have depth behind Ollie next year… assuming Ollie stays.

What a low blow show of disrespect for the scrapping Cowboys to have an unranked opponent for a bowl game. Chad should have declined and held out for something much better.
Oregon State or Tennessee would be good matches.
I wonder what Jimbo is going to be buying with that record buyout mega amount?
A blow to the ego that a school is willing to pay such a fortune to get rid of you!
Maybe he ends up at Central Michigan U?
Does Ollie stay or go?
I think besides big payola offers to Ollie, teams will lure him by telling him that he has a chance to break the all time college single season rushing record because of the great O-line their team has along with exceptional play calling. OSU can’t offer him those things. So I fear that he departs for days of glory.

We’re 9-4… People in-the-know say Ollie has been “taken care of”.

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I heard at work today from a Gooner friend that A&M is offering $500k plus for Ollie. Anyone else hear that?

This brings up a question that I don’t know the answer to. Is it against any rule to offer NIL money to a player to get them to leave their current school and go play for another if they are not in the transfer portal?

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I’m sure it is against some kind of rule if it is coming directly from the staff. Nothing stopping boosters from spreading the word. They are they ones paying anyway… plus the kids talk a lot.

So it used to be that boosters could get a school sanctioned if they offered money, gifts, etc to entice a player to come that school. So those days are over and boosters can do what they want now?

Pretty much. NIL is like the Wild West. They can do just about whatever they want to do.

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If Ollie returns, Nixon leaves. He wants to carry the rock. It’s OK because that frosh RB looked good.