The Top 5 Quotes from Mike Gundy's Post-Big 12 Championship News Conference

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‘Our guys, they had an unbelievable year.’

Gundy said it best. Texas has good players.
NFL talent vs. lack there of from the Cowboys.
That’s the difference in the game.
I was surprised that Gundy didn’t single out Ewers for his level of play. Give credit where its due.
Forget hitting the recruiting trail. Go fishing in the portal. A bunch of QBs announced they are entering. Get yourself an O-line. Also pick up a new play caller. While you are at it, get a new secondary. You were embarrassed today Gundy. You probably are gonna be 7-5 next season. Get some players who are more talented than they are humble. Time to step it up or else step away from the game. Fans are tired of mediocrity. You don’t have the players to inherit being at the top of the new conference. Nor do you have the right coaches.


Kind of agree with your take here. I haven’t bothered to listen to all the post game comments/interviews as I am tired of the same old story lines, assume that is what happened in the interviews. To be honest I am weary of the same old narrative. It’s is time to either fish or cut bait. Go Pokes!!

Man I hope some sucker G5 school hires Dunn as HC. That run up the middle down 21 on 3rd and 8 is exactly why his ass should not be here next year.

Dont care what they do with Dunn or anybody else. I just want to see some effort to take the next step whatever that turns out to be. I’m not smart enough to figure out what needs to be done to get to CC champ winning level so I’m leaving it up to the OSU admin et al. to work through that. Need to do this this year because a lot of us are tired of supporting this team with no real perceived effort to support us in return.

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Next step is to fix the staff issues that have caused IMO the erratic play and catastrophic failures over the last 2 seasons.

This beat down was on both sides of the ball.
The UCF, USA and KState skull crushers were Offense meltdowns with 1 TD in those three games combined.

If we do this, I think we play for Big 12 championships year in year out and win more often than not.

It’s getting better players. Period. This OSU program, from staff to players, OVERACHIEVED this year. They probably won 2 more games (OU/KState) than the talent says they should’ve. This team played for the Conf title. Pretty shocking really cause it had no business being in that game. I absolutely get the frustration outta Cowboy fans who want more. It’s ok to be mad at how this roster looks……but Gundy & Co took this particular team further than it should’ve.


Our best chance is getting large humans that are somewhat fast. I mean bone crushing large on both OL and DL That will be hard to do with most going to BB. We have the skill players, a better QB that’s mobile would help
The way Texas played yesterday they would have curb stomped about anyone

I really don’t care if they fire Dunn or not and don’t care what they change on defense. Until this administration decides that mediocre is not good enough, nothing will change and Pop Tarts is as good as it will get. I don’t think this university cares about being anything more.

The absolute Bigtime programs are the only ones that can get DUDES on both front lines. That’s the hardest thing to do get. I’m an OU fan, and we struggle to get em too. OSU isn’t going to get those guys. What OSU can do……is find a QB. Bowman isn’t that guy. If OSU wants to REALLY compete on the big stage……it has to be with the QB.

Pretty sure that’s what I said. Big mobile lines, both sides. Those are difference makers
It’s not hard to see that the qb needs to be better
Bowman is NOT going stay in a pocket and risk getting sacked. Memories of Tech I would say
We need a younger one to build on. I’ve seen a few qbs already hitting the portal ( Tulane)
The batchit NIL is a killer for building a two deep anymore

OSU isn’t getting Pratt, or a QB with his type of resume… No chance. They can find a good QB, but it will take some research & luck. The best option for OSU to have bigtime QB play is for it to be a guy that’s been in the program, rather than trying to get one from somewhere else. NIL fellas. You see what Matt Rhule said? The NIL QB market is over a mil for a really good one. OSU isn’t getting in those waters.

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Yea your entire post here says it all. Truth brother.

Gundy can’t find a quarterback, he’s best ever, came to him and he couldn’t find him on the sidelines. The second best could do enough in a big game. That’s why he rides the bench while quarterbacks from Iowa State play. Mason was never improved from highschool.

So you are saying Mason could have gone straight to the league out of high school jug :roll_eyes:

I’m saying Mason shouldn’t be in the league. He’s third string to below average quarterbacks.

He shouldn’t ? Why doesn’t Tomlin cut him loose then , see if anyone picks him up jug. You would be the last I would want evaluating a guy in football