The Top 5 Quotes from Mike Gundy's Pre-Houston News Conference

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Gundy talks UCF fallout, Holgorsen, Big 12 tiebreakers and more.

“ They get paid to do that, so I’m not worried about them one bit.”

So he’s not worried that his OC is the first one in the conference this season to not score a touchdown against UCF? He’s not worried that his DC gave up 8 plays, for 232 yards, and 21 points in a matter of 2:38?

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Is this not why he has one conference championship in 18 years? There’s just a whack yet durable philosophy.


Even Kent State was able to put up more than 3 points against UCF, and they’re 1-9 on the season so far.

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Idc what anyone says, the bedlam hangover led to the disaster at ucf. That was an emotional victory and the team probably celebrated a bit excessively in the week following.

But now it’s over and we move on to Houston. No use cryin

My official prediction is we end in a 2 way tie with ou and that bedlam victory keeps them out of the title game.


I hope you’re right. Because after beating all of those teams, including OU, and OU still making it in for an all-SEC championship game would be an ultimate nightmare.

“while OSU, OU, K-State and Iowa State are all tied in second at 5-2.”

So in other words, hope we don’t screw up the next two weeks, and become Texas and Kansas fans this weekend. Got it!!!

I think Stevie Wonder could have rushed for more than 52 yards against the worst run defense in the conference. Somehow Gundy managed to fuckc another gameplan up.

That’s why you are a moron. Bedlam hangover is a weak excuse. Dumb, Dumb, Dumb.

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I’m afraid we are going to have to be fans of anyone but Kansas State fans the next two weeks if OSU wins out their final two EDIT: just saw that the PFB article discussing clarification of the tiebreaker rules so looks like I am wrong here which is a GOOD thing

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