The Top 5 Quotes from Mike Gundy's Tuesday News Conference

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Gundy on Kendal Daniels, transfers and Steve Lutz.

Really good to hear that Daniels can play some hybrid LB–we need depth at that position; same with Glass on the OL and Green at RB. Those were big gets.


For future reference, “Tulsa-Union” does not make sense. Union is in Tulsa, but is not a Tulsa Public School, like Tulsa-Memorial or Tulsa-Edison, etc.

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Union Public Schools is a public school district located in southeast Tulsa, and northwest Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.

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I like how the biggest take was on the location and whom it is designated too.

What if Daniels takes over olivers spot and oliver goes back to de


Nothing to see here. Same o’l gundy talk. Yong guy trying to hang on. He brings maturity. Don’t want to give the best running back more than 20 Carrie’s a game. Want to protect kids careers. Sounds like he still hasn’t learned how to be a championship coach. Still way to soft. Can’t wait to say well…maybe next year. :see_no_evil:

“The 30 carry a game for Ollie is somewhat concerning. Perfect world would be 20 to keep him healthy throughout for us and his career.“

Does Gundy not realize that this is pretty much what got him 80-85 percent of his wins last season? Does he not realize this is also what kept his atrocious defense off the field?

I get you don’t want the guy to get hurt, but at some point you need to let it ride. We’ve seen what happens when you DON’T give OG the ball. Give the guy the football until they freaking stop it!!! You don’t fix something that isn’t broken :man_facepalming:.

He’s not coaching Bama, Georgia, Ohio State, or Michigan. This is why we haven’t won a conference title since 2011. There doesn’t seem to be a realization of what he does and doesn’t have to win another conference title.

Exactly what I was thinking. Limit the best capabilities you have at winning a conference title :man_shrugging:. It’s like they learned nothing from the South Bama debacle last season :person_facepalming:.

He was hurt last year running 30. Warren was hurt running alot. Green should be a good running back. Good average in the sec.

Here is bill. Run him to death. Oh he is hurt. Can play nfl. Gundy never gets guys to the nfl.

No matter what happens you will tellus gundy did it wrong.

You don’t get guys to the NFL by not letting them play. OG was absolutely on nobody’s radar until the South Bama loss forced the entire offensive coaching staff to finally make adjustments to their line and give the best player the freaking football more.

Had we won every game by one point last season by doing the same exact thing Gundy did in the first three games then OG wouldn’t have even been considered a top three RB in the conference. We seen the same thing with Presley until we were forced to play him against Miami.

The difference between you and me is that I’m willing to take risks if it means winning a championship for the first time in 12+ years. You’re content with just winning seasons and no championships. We’ve been winning games for 20+ years now. It’s time to move the program forward to championship caliber, and not remain content and stagnant.