The Top Five Recruiting Classes in the Gundy Era in Hindsight

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A look at the three stars Gundy turned into four stars.

I had all ready said something about 2016 class we still have more on the team so it will move up.
This is a good way to ratttttle some chain
Cant wait to see who crawls out and say what.

Gundy turned into four stars — Quite the misnomer. He didn’t do all the hard work, the weight training, the running, etc, Give credit where credit is due, the kids did almost all of it with their dedication and hard work! Kudos to Rob Glass and all the training staff as well as the people who work with the guys nutrition-wise and with injury rehab and prevention.

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I’m sorry what do u mean Gundy turned in to 4 stars?

Any championships? Bla bla bla. Pointless information.

This could be his best recruiting class and more nfl players on the team than any other and still could only muster up a 3 place finish lol. Next coach please!

The facts are in his better recruiting years there was an upper trajectory. His his not so good recruiting years there is a stagnation or a downward trend. Go look at each of the next 3-4 years after that specific recruiting class. Now let’s go get some 4 star talent and turn it into 5 star talent please.

Any body care we won the second match of the day

I don’t think NFL success should carry that much weight. Some players are really good college players but cannot equate that to next level success. Does Tom Brady’s pro career make his Michigan class better? Does Blackmon’s personal issues diminish his class? Does Rudolph getting drafted by a team with a HOFer already at qb diminish his college career. Justice Hill was a great back for OSU but he will never reach that same success in the NFL.

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This is true just like ranking from hs. But the article does talk about makeing all big 12. Going to the pros is a way to evaluate.

I’m just quoting what gundy said. You need nfl players to win championships so is he wrong?

Another little part in winning championships is a good coach.

4th place

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Your right sorry

Almost gave gundy a bump there

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All most all the haters were out except ar0.
To tell u the truth, this article being pro Gundy propaganda, I was disappointed in ur guys effort. Must be tired it’s been along season. I mean joe has said more when Gundy’s names was never mentioned. But the usually stuff no champs bad recruits new coach. T town did bring a new one, I guess he is at the bottom of the barrel. Glass is great and were glad to have him. Saying he is the reason just goes back to Gundy. Gundy hired him and has kept him. He is a recruiting tool but brings no players here. Also odd no 2 and 12.
Total disappointment in u guys effort. I think Gundy could have done better then u guys :joy::rofl::innocent::upside_down_face::crazy_face::woozy_face::dizzy_face::flushed::sob::scream::pleading_face::partying_face::exploding_head::cowboy_hat_face: