The X-Factor Players Who Could Help Make OSU Great in 2021

Your right. They still lose one game a year they probably shouldn’t while our coach loses multiple games he shouldn’t.

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Do u even read this crap.everything gundy has been accused of ur coaches u love have done. Grow up. I have found that u have mental of a bully child playing Jack’s. When u lose ur Jack’s u change the rules…
Ou not only lost 1 game they shouldn’t have but backed it up with a second. And not going to the playoffs.

U were a spencer win heisman last year so u back a favored team and a loser qb.

Ask me how many times in the last 5 seasons Gundy has went a season with 2 losses or less?

I never said anything about Spencer winning a Heisman. I just said he has the tools to do so. He first needs a coach that will actually give him some plays that work as well.

Asks me I care about ur thoughts. I’m here to make sure u dnt lie which has turned to a full time job. U just dnt care

Ou qb idiot I know u were hyped on him

I mean u do only talk about ou doing good
With the brake up u will be able to watch ou on the sec allthe time

You care enough to reply to them even when my comment isn’t directed towards you.

I’m just trying to get us to be on the same level or close to it with them. Our problem is our coach promotes mediocrity and coaches like it too. I don’t understand how a person can be content with being average. They should strive to be better. Unless you just like winning 7-8 games a season and never winning any kind of major bowl.

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I dnt care about about ur thought. I reply to keep u honest. Which is every time u type.

Well that’s a fools errand. If u think we can get to ou’s level. To get there u need good players. To get good players.u need to be where ou is. I know u will be chasing this one like its ur tail

I’m pretty sure I said to get close to it. Gundy is good, right? He won a conference title and almost played for a national title, right? Then go tell him to be good again. We’ll all be waiting.

Ok, need some explanation here. You say the X factor is “scheme”. Can you give me a little more clarification on what you mean by that?

I can they think gundy has been holding back pixy dust.
There is this mystical land in the middle of the field. Both them and gundy have gone to. Since gundy is happy not being a top coach he has forbid any of his knight to venture in to this land of greatness.
Gundy has told them there are dragons in there.

This is not a comical post. It’s true these morons believe in fairies unicorns and magic

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