The X-Factor Players Who Could Help Make OSU Great in 2021

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These seven could hold the keys to unlocking OSU’s greatness in 2021.

We its simple Sanders. Special on the offensive side.
U can name a half dozen but if Sanders doesn’t step up he won’t help those guys.
On the defense side we have seen most of them. So black has a Chace for alot of playing or the Arkansas tansfer( sorry can think of name).

“Caleb Etienne is a 6-foot-7 offensive tackle. I repeat: CALEB ETIENNE IS A 6-FOOT-7 OFFENSIVE TACKLE.”

That’s cool. I remember the transfer from Cal that we got who was 6’9 and weight 350 pounds. He started on the OL in 2017. Supposed to be our best team since 2011. Gundy still found a way to finish 3rd.

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Don’t forget about the most important x-factor…scheme my friend scheme.

This is what I’m talking about. Pre Sanders osu had ranked teams in offense so I know where the "scheme " is.

I think Muhammad or Black should start at corner. Holmes last year to me looked slow and seemed to get beat a lot.

Well the young guys will have to wait their turn

Yes sanders is a big factor but he’s good enough to win games if the scheme is good

If sanders was the Qb for the gooners and it was his third year there, you think he’s better to date?

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U must have never watch an osu game. When the second Sanders gets the ball he is staring at his receiver he wants. That has nothing to do with scheme, gundy, or ou. Thats Sanders want to complete a pass.

Pretty sure it’s got a lot to do with Gundy. He’s the head coach. It’s his responsibility to improve Sanders ability.

But u dnt give him credit when he wins. So double standards are Alive a well with u.

You mean you don’t like slow progression plays?

Before Sanders we still found ways to lose games we shouldn’t have.

Did ou and riley win all there games they should have last year

It’s has everything to do with Gundy. How about instead of saying “We just gotta ride him the rest of the season” he grows a pair and benches him until he figures out how to calm his wild side?

OU and Riley have been winning the conference and going to the CFP while Gundy convinces you that 4th place is better. It’s a dumb argument. So don’t even get started.

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Stoops should have been stung up losing n g in 2014.

Stoops won the conference the next year and went to the CFP. It doesn’t take OU sixteen seasons (going on seventeen seasons) to figure out if a coach is worth keeping or not.

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Their still losing games they shouldn’t. So just stop ur an idiot. I’m hereto show u ur double standards. U make excuses for losers.