This Blind Resume Comparison Suggests OSU Should be Ranked WAY Higher

You could do the blind test on Okstate vs Michigan State, Michigan and Notre Dame. All perhaps a similar result…

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Not doing the scoring differential but:

Michigan - 3-1 vs FPI Top 50 (FPI loves Nebraska at #28)
Michigan State - 4-1
Notre Dame - 6-1

But what about top 25 wins?

Notre Dame - has only one but only loss to a top 10 team. But they have not played anymore ranked teams!

Michigan State has two (They beat Michigan)and 24 Miami ranked at the time

Michigan has one ZERO top 25 wins and one loss

Out of the lot, Michigan to me is the most suspect as it has zero wins against ranked teams and the only ranked team they played they lost to.

This comment didn’t play out too well for you did it Jug you moron…. Gundy wins COY hands down. Watch it, you and Joey can cry together :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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