This Could be OSU's Best Recruiting Class Ever Under Mike Gundy

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OSU could finish with its highest per-player average for a second year in a row.

We have got a full offense side. And their a nice group yes a linemen.
We got to dig up some guys on defense. But if we can’t there is the portal.

I think the blue bloods must be laughing when they find out that OSU has only 3 four stars. That is really poor compared to better teams. I don’t blame Gundy for that. I think OSU makes enough offers to 4 stars, but most, obviously, have better offers.

Its definitely one piece of the puzzle but scheme is the other piece of that puzzle. I want to see if gundy can or is capable of changing his scheme rather it is to fit personnel or if it’s just to throw other teams off in the conference to get an edge. I have yet to see both but I have seen his recruiting get alittle better. How good of a 2020 coach is gundy? We will see this year and no excuses. He had COVID as an excuse last year I guess but it’s this year he needs to show his worth.

After looking at the per player average ranking it actually looks like Gundy has increased that since he’s been here. I’ve given Gundy a lot of flak for his recruiting but I didn’t realize how far behind the 8 ball we started at 15 years ago. My orange tinted glasses may have been getting the best of me.

High tide raises all boats!!!

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Would be hard for it not to increase after all the money that was pumped into the program after he was hired.