This is the Beginning of the End for the Big 12

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This might be it.

Best case scenario in my opinion for OSU would be Big 10. They could compete in the Big 10 and it’s a more stable league than the PAC 12 and makes more money than the ACC.

You no that recruiting class that gundy has put together that might be he’s best yet? You can bet the good kids not from Oklahoma are going to look at other schools and we will have some flip in my opinion over this when it’s all said and done

Dang guys, where is the fight? For a bunch of guys who are dependent on OSU athletics for your livelihood, you sure have an aww-shux mentality.

There are significantly more OSU grads than OU grads in both houses of the OK legislature, plus the governor and newly appointed AG are big OSU guys. We have the political muscle to at least make this really painful for OU, if not stop it altogether. However, there needs to be some push from OSU fans to create a little pressure.

While good for OU, this move would be bad for the State and disastrous for OSU. You know how people view Colorado State? That could be us in 10 years if strong action is not taken. As the primary media institution for OSU, you guys really should make some effort to rally the troops.


No. A “call to arms” is not their job. Or responsibility. Write a letter of your own to those house members and AG if you’re so intent on keeping two schools in a conference that they want no part of. I personally am glad to see them both leave. If Okla Stare has to find a new conference home, so be it. Good riddance to both OU and Texas.

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I have really fun memories of big time games against OU/Texas with a lot on the line. It is part of the reason I enrolled at OSU. Now, in the best case scenario, our big rival will be Texas Tech, and the game of the year will be a 10 p.m. kick against Southern Cal. Another possible scenario would have us hosting Houston for a conference championship in front of 20,000 fans on ESPN 8. The range of outcomes for us, if OU leaves, range from bad to terrible.

Their job is to run a college fan site. I may be wrong, but I doubt the fan sites for Memphis or SMU are very profitable.

You made me laugh about our new conference championship being on ESPN’s the “Ocho”. It also made me sad at the same time because what you are saying is a possibility.