Thoughts on Iran

Do we need this thread?

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No. Not the right website for it


The rules say no politics :man_shrugging:t2:

Interesting responses, as I was wondering why there wasn’t one already. Is this really considered politics? Seems more like it falls in the significant global news category.


Which will quickly turn into a politics thread, unfortunately. And really hard to see how it couldn’t.

I personally welcome political arguments. But everyone else doesn’t, so whatever. Better to not have these discussions, I guess.

I was just stating that in the “commandments” The below was stated. Ya’ll do you, I don’t do politics either way :man_shrugging:

"2. This is a sports bar: The Chamber was created to be a sports bar. When I think of sports bars, I think of hilarious debates about ridiculous things and a lot of fun memories with good friends. I don’t think of brouhahas over politics.

We ask that any political opinions you have be kept to yourself so others can enjoy the reprieve into OSU sports commiseration. Those who do not follow this rule (and others) could have posts deleted by our staff and risk account suspension."


We do not.