Three Burning Questions ahead of Oklahoma State's Matchup with Texas Tech

Originally published at: Three Burning Questions ahead of Oklahoma State's Matchup with Texas Tech | Pistols Firing

On Bray’s possible return and the strengths and weakness of Donovan Smith.

First off dnt let a lb cover a fast reciever on 4th and 5.

2nd keeping doing really good at what we do good. Special teams, no flags. Ol protecting sanders, 4 man front getting pressure.

3rd take advantage of techs weakness. Poor ol. Poor dl.
Make them pay if they bring in a blist.

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Best way to stop their passing attack: Keep them on the sidelines. This would be a good time for the OL and RB to grind up the Tech D and the clock.


We had some good, grinding drives on Baylor. Is Tech’s defense good enough to let us get grinding drives?

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Tech ranks 45th in pass defense and 76th in rush defense. So ideally I would think we’re gonna try to pound the rock and hit them with short quick passes. I want our pass defense to improve, but I also don’t want to keep Tech in the game.

I agree can the Lb cover the flats? I few times last week LB would bite hard inside on the run leaving a big window to throw crossing routes. Hoping to see more of the future all American Oliver with Ford rushing the passer helping the dbs. Still need to be able to run the ball and that starts up front, everything starts up front doesn’t matter which side of the ball you are on.

Im not big on rankings especially early in the year. Were told ksu has a great back field. The first 3 games not much passing. Those 3 teams have only each passed more then 201 yards 1 time each. Against only fcs teams . In the 2 big 12 game their averaging 350.

I do agree we will run the ball alot.

Whatever happened to Langston Anderson? Can he not crack the lineup?

You must not seen him in the first game it was not pretty. I think the experiment should be over. We can use the scholarship else where.

I didn’t see or hear about it what happened?

He was targeted twice, and lets just say hr has been on the field since.

Gundy was asked about him and he said " you got to remember he is like a freshman. Since he hasnt played in 3 years"

I dnt know what he showef in practice, but i think its safe to say we got plenty of others.

Those multiple crossing routes and talented QB will make some plays for Tech.
No way can their D stop our offense.
Cowboy’s 48, Torilla’s 24

Keep in mind that our D gives up lots of yards because we’re playing bend-don’t-break from being ahead by double digits. We don’t need to play risky D when we’re ahead - even against a very well rounded team like Baylor.

Every body is talking about how good ksu back 5 our. Well in 2 big 12 games their giving up 350 per game in the passing game. Itll be like the baylor game. They will connect on some.
Tech has a better reciever group then baylor over all in depth. They dont use the rb or te. But we just fased the best oline in baylor. Tech has the worst.