Three Candidates Who Could be Considered for OSU's OC Vacancy

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Two names to watch, and a wild card to consider.

Y’all had me all talked into that Reeder fella last year, but pump the breaks… Fired after 1 year in Denton? Either he fooled around with a family member of the head coach, or he was not good at his job.

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I’d consider doug meacham an interesting option if monken doesnt work out. His offense was amazing with TCU, seeing how much they dropped off when he left suggests a lot of it was his doing.

well he did tweet a lot about the head coach’s siblings.

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Gundy needs to pick someone quick before to long Spring Ball will be here

I would pick whoever Gundy would let call the plays,knows the Osu culture,& can help the offense score alot of points

Let Dunn give it a go. What do we have to lose? And he might turn out to be very good. Definitely wouldn’t be any worse than what we’ve had.

Monken has to be your No. 1 choice. If you can’t get him, give it to Dunn.

If I had to put money on it, I’d say gundy hires someone we’ve never heard of who is not qualified for the job so gundy can control him like a puppet.