Three Questions for Oklahoma State’s Safety Room Entering the 2024 Season

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On the young core, newcomer Kobe Hylton and Kendal Daniels.

Is gundy still the coach

You always amaze me. Why would you say that.

Lyrik has to get back on the field . Such a bummer how it has played out so far for him .

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Moving the defense back to four-man front rotations tells me we don’t trust our backs enough to not get burned, and that we totally underestimated what we actually have on the back end, and just how important Oliver’s rushing capabilities were.

Its all about pressure not secondary

That was exactly my point. Even in a 3-3-5 I don’t expect the backs to cover all day or be on assignment the entire time. It was dumb to take away that capability from Oliver in the first place. We don’t have the type of players (yet) to fully institute that defense, and it’s a consistent adjustment. That’s exactly why Gundy wants to go back to four-man front rotations. Not as much pressure being put on the opposing QB.

Thats not what you said early.

Don’t know what you mean. That was purely the intent of what I said earlier. It’s not my fault you misinterpret everything.

You said they dnt trust the backs.

Why you think they’re going back to four man fronts and pressure? How many times you want the backs to get burned before trying something different? Do you even watch the games?

More pressure does help backs. But, sack turnovers etc.