Three Questions for Oklahoma State's Offense Entering Fall Camp

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On the offensive line, the QB battle and all the depth at receiver.

If I understand correctly, our o-line will also move away from the zone-blocking schemes and back to a push the line of scrimmage approach.


The big question in my mind is will this new era of cobbled together teams via the portal work or not. For me I’m not holding out any hope but that is just me. I cut my teeth on 70’s era OSU football where grasping defeat from the jaws of victory was a real thing so I can’t help myself.


Do we think Zane Flores gets a shot at the starting QB job? Or is he in a development/learn the system year?

This is to me, is the biggest question/development for the offense. If OSU can drive people off the ball enough that the run game is effective. Last year we averaged 3.4 ypc. We have to be over 4.0 and need to get to 4.5 to really have a threat in the run game. This will allow whoever is QB1 to have a better chance.

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No, he is not going to get a shot.

I think that kid Arland Bruce from Iowa is gonna be a nice “Swiss army knife” type of player that contributes all over the field and in special teams.


I mean you never do so why stop now I guess.

I know where you’re coming from I cut my teeth on 90’s football teams where, except for 1997, there were hardly any chances to have defeat grasped from the jaws of victory as we were usually just defeated so I’ve enjoyed the last decade plus of success. But thats just me.

  1. How will the offensive line coach shake out?

  2. Will our HC (former QB) and QB coach (Former NFL player) actually teach the QB something this season?

  3. Will our OC be competent enough to find ways to get the ball to our receivers?

Sounds exactly like the last 10 years. Same o’l questions and same o’l coach.

  1. How much longer is Dickey the OL coach?
  2. How soon will Chad realize Gundy is past his prime?
  3. How quickly can the-powers-that-be let Bedlam die for good?

My questions won’t be answered so I’m trying not to care about this season.

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I’ve enjoyed the last decade as well, immensely so. Just hope it wasn’t a fleeting thing.


If this season turns out like a like a lot of folks here predict you will likely get some if not all of your questions answered.

I don’t know anything about anything, really.

But, it seems to me, our running game has been hampered by the combination of slow-developing plays with zone-blocking. It’s almost like zone-blocking invites d-linemen to penetrate the line-of-scrimmage, thereby disrupting zone-read handoffs (or QB keepers). We might have led the nation in plays where our RBs were contacted behind the line.


Perhaps the biggest questions are: whether or not the offensive coordinator will be able to be competent enough to call an intelligent game? or will the head coach allow him to do so? Will the staff keep finding excuses for underperforming? Will anyone’s seat be hot if things go like they did last year?

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But, yet you keep asking them. I do hope you leave when we win 10 games. Were a lock for 7 to 9. 10 wins would be except able to you. 7 thur 9 really wont get anyone fired.
Dnt worry if oliver and Daniels leave to the nfl i see major problems next year. Because we have like 7 seniors that have to leave. That would be 9.

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That may be as a good an assessment as any. We have to be able to run, it will open more up.

Why do you worry more about the defense than the offense?

The only worries were for the defense next year. Which some of those question will be answered during the year.

Yes we have 7 lineman that could go too. If all 7 left. There are get to be a good amount of back ups tho.
The other positions will have experience

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I am concerned more this year with O-line and qb play. Overall I have more concerns offensively than defensively. I’m hoping the defense will give teams problems this year. They should!

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