Three Reasons Why the Big 12 Shouldn't Consider Bringing Nebraska Back

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Sorry Nebraska, we’ve moved on.

Houston offers nothing to the Big12 other than a +1 in the denominator.


I could take or leave Nebraska but HECK TO THE NO on Houston. We already get outrecruited in Texas by OU, Texas, A&M, Baylor, TCU, LSU and even SMU (!) sometimes…no way I want to elevate another Texas school right in the middle of a recruiting hot bed to P5 status as a conference rival. what do they have to offer besides making life harder for OSU? I’d rather have the Arizona schools and Utah/Colorado, or honestly add no one over adding Houston

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Why would the big 12 ever want Houston? Doesn’t make sense at all. I’d take Nebraska any day of the week over Houston. Also would take Arizona schools and Utah too instead of Houston. They provide literally nothing besides the occasional not good looking loss.

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now if we could do a straight up trade of Baylor for Houston, I’d be okay with that. That would be more about ridding the Big 12 of the Baylor stench though than adding the Cougars

Highly doubt it would ever happen but I would love to get Arky into the Big 12.

I would bring Colorado and Missouri back before adding Houston or bringing back Nebraska. Doubt Colorado or Missouri will leave their conferences though.

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Nebraska can’t leave the Big10 due to tv rights $, etc. My question is this: Could they be a non-conference game for all Big XII teams? The same could be asked for BYU (less red tape, since they have no conference affiliation). The Big XII plays two non-conference games, thus more tv content / exposure. Thoughts?

Case #1 is all you need

Houston, hell naw!!! Why would any team in the Big 12 bring anyone on that would hurt them. Houston would gain immensely from it, but what would we gain: absolutely nothing!

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Houston doesn’t bring anything to the conference. The Houston market is already covered by the Texas schools currently in the conference so not really making any money by bringing them in. I’d rather go with an Arizona school or maybe Arkansas or go more east with a Florida school option. All of which would bring significantly more than Houston

The sort of interesting sidebar to this is that while Nebraska was a member of the AAU at the time it was admitted to the Big 10, they since have lost that membership and there doesn’t appear to be any immediate prospect of regaining it. Since the Big 10 prides itself on only having top drawer academic institutions, they might not be too upset if Nebraska decided to move on. I still think it is very unlikely that Nebraska would seek to leave the Big 10, but stranger things have happened.

Wish Nebraska had never left. We owe them decades worth of a**-whippings. How fun would it be to crush Frost’s Huskers 52-0?!

Would I take Nebraska back? Of course. It would great to bring back a traditional rival into the Big 12. Hell, I wouldn’t mind if the Big 12 and Big 10 could work out a deal to bring Nebraska to the Big 12 in exchange for West Virginia to the Big 10.
I would also welcome back Colorado and Missouri as well
A&M can kick rocks for all I care.
Definitely no to adding Houston. It would make recruiting that area even more difficult.
If we were going to add Group of Five schools, I would go with Memphis and Cincy. Both are located in large metro areas, help expand the Big 12’s footprint, and help build a bridge to West Virginia.

Need a team in our geographical area.
Should only accept a candidate school that has a wrestling team.
Interesting to see how much Nebraska does not really succeed in the Big 10. We do not need them to come back.
Oklahoma St needs to start playing some of the top 4 teams in the Big 10 in football.

Why would those schools schedule OSU?

For bragging rights to see which is the stronger conference.

Seems like they should schedule OU then, like Ohio State did and Michigan has.