Three-Star Linebacker Jordan Crook Commits to Oklahoma State

So far we haven’t got close to ur 100. 71 is are highest and he is 9th in oklahoma from a small school with good composite. I do hope we get alot of 100 players to just make ur day

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I think Miles is done. Didn’t do anything at Kansas, what won 5 games in 3 years. Recruiting was horrible… bet Joe is just sick
His idol has been booted form the worst D1 school

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On top of that miles is a pimp and Joe’s a racist

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Because people get impatient. I don’t have a good college analogy, but Bill Cowher stayed with the Steelers over some mediocre years and got back to the Superbowl at the end of his tenure.

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Why in the world would Texas want miles

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I’m glad I wasn’t drinking when joe wrote that. I would have lost it.

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That’s because most coaches who accomplish what Gundy has at a school like osu move on to programs with more money and tradition. He didn’t

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Definitely excited about the way this class is shaping up!


We just offered a kid on defense that’s ranked 91st in his position. Try to keep up here.

Thats not 100. U said that would be fine.
U think gundy will be able to get that kid. Sound like a good recuit

So you think getting a caliber recruit that a program like Kansas or Rutgers would go after is a good thing?

Did you not read any of my prior comments where I said I was fine with going after higher three stars that are in the top 25 or 30 in their positions?

No you didn’t because you reply before even reading and only want to serve your own agenda. Just like you claiming how others only pick or choose from the facts you do the same exact thing and half the time your wrong.

If we are the 10th winningest program over the past decade I would think we could do a little better than the 91st best player in their position. So who are we? North Texas? Rice? USF?

Lol u got me lol my only agenda is to make fun of u and ur crying.
Look kansas is spending a ton of money and blanking recurits so there is a great chance that our recurits will be recruited by Kansas.
But go look at r commits people like Michigan Wisconsin Utah the other 7 big 12 Arkansas ole miss Mississippi state usc Nebraska.
So what do we do pull all offers if kansas and North Texas offer them.
Look at r reciever had no rank and offers he came in as a strong 86.
We got a guy now is 84 and 27 offers and double digit power 5.
Oliver was an 84 know he is a 4 :star2:
So all ur psycho babble means nothing. I’ve heard nagging wife’s make more good points.
Just let gundy and his crew of professionals do their job. Knowing they are out getting the best 2 :star2: they can find