Three-Star Receiver Stephon Johnson to Choose Between OSU, SMU Wednesday

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Johnson is the No. 531 player in the 2022 class.


We would definitely have a fight for starting time at receivers. Just depends if he needs to play rite now.

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Offer Marlow’s Jace Gilbert TODAY!

If there is one thing Cowboys and Sooners fans ought to be able to agree upon it’s this: it sucked watching Charlie Kolar, an Oklahoma kid, work us both over these past four years at Iowa State. Maybe even more egregious for OSU since we had his older brother on our roster.

Now the Cyclones have offered Gilbert.

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We need to be getting more offensive lineman. I think the young WR group we have seems just fine. Given our tendency to have lineman go down, and enter the transfer portal, without really replacing them that’s where we need to go. That seems to be the weakest link with the offense. It definitely showed in the Big 12 CCG.

Need fat guys like u I know

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He has a good list on offers He’s a high rated 3 star :star: being at 87

If he chooses SMU he plays on an inferior team compared to OSU.
But if he chooses OSU he might be inferior to the loaded receiver corps that we already have and he might not see the field very much. He obviously wants to play somewhat close to home since he turned down offers from those schools out West after the change at Oregon. We have had some good players from Desoto.
But this is not something to worry about as fans because we really need to fill positions other than receiver. O line and depth on defense would be the priorities.


tai, Wide receiver is a position that really is up in the air until the players get to practice and coaches can do side by side comparisons, then the player gets to prove it on the field. Hard to say who’s going to make it and who isn’t based on film or watching a couple of high school games. Receivers going against the #1 corners and safeties in practice really separates the chaff from the wheat. Hopefully this kid has alot of confidence in himself and relishes being the best on the best team and best conference, close to home. We’ll see on Wednesday. I’m sure Rhett Lashlee is filling his head full of NFL aspirations and promising immediate playing time. There really is no risk for any player coming in, because there is always the transfer port, waiting exit, stage left!

You have some very astute comments that I totally agree with!
I would be surprised if the recruit does not choose Cowboys.

Looks like really good speed and cuts. Not real fond of running backwards to try and gain yardage. That usually doesn’t turn out well at D-1 level. Not scared to block. He will get some playing time but will have to be really exceptional to make the starting list.

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We have missed out on a few of the relatives that should have chosen oSu. Dax Hill is on the top of my list. He would have excelled under what Knowles developed. Maybe Gilbert was evaluated by the staff and didn’t make the cut. We don’t get that inside info. Kolar will make a great TE at the next level. Kid has great hands.