Three Takeaways from OKC Dave's 2021 Fan Survey

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On realignment, quarterbacks and basketball hopes.

These numbers do not suprise me.
There were two coaches I thought were kind of low.
Bratton won a natty and was semis the next 2. Sure we should have got that second natty. But this year I thought they did better.
Littell I thought had a great year… got screwed at ncaa with 8th seed

I don’t think it should be any surprise that the only Gundy QB to beat OU and win a Big 12 title in the same year would be #1 on a fan’s list.

I don’t get how there is a significantly higher confidence in the offense than the defense. The defense was pretty good last year, pretty much the only times they performed poorly were thanks to the offense. Also 1 in every 4 OSU fans thinking we will be playing for a natty in the next 10 years??? Not with the current 4 team playoff and our current coach.

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This did happen before the ou texas thing. So maybe it’s still not 25% for a natty. U can always hope

The OU/Texas move initially came out 26 days ago. The survey was posted to PFB on the 2nd. 25% of people think that after the news broke.

It just seemed longer I guess.

Keep Dreaming!

I love the results. Gives me faith in the fans.

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Agreed. I don’t know how much more Gundy has to express to people that playing for a national title isn’t on his radar. Even if they made it a 16 team playoff.

As far as the offense goes they’ve seen their points per game average go down every season since 2018. Some of that last season was thanks to the defense helping out up some points as well.

Being reminded of who was on the roster for Travis Ford when Marcus Smart played brought up those old negative feelings against coach Fraud. It’s like Texas football. You get all those highly ranked in state kids and you can’t coach them to any kind of championship.

U real need to read more. I was talking to logan about something it had nothing to do with the actual thing u think it did.

Ur so rite. God. the numbers going down for all that time.oh wait 2 year. Moron

If our numbers were going up the last couple of seasons I wouldn’t say anything about it. The fact that Mediocre Mike has found a way for them to go down should concern you a little bit. If he ever wants to see another bedlam victory again it’s going to take more than averaging 14.5 points per game in Bedlam to do it.

Our chances of playing in the National Championship Game have very little to do with the coach. We could have Saban for the next decade and it wouldn’t move the needle much.