Three Things Matt Campbell Said Entering the Cyclones’ Game against OSU

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On Sanders, Gundy and OSU’s stingy defense.

“The ability for him to get the ball out of his hand and know where that ball is going is exceptional.”

Hmm….maybe he thought they asked him about Caleb Williams?

The article about Jim Knowles needing his salary to be doubled in order to keep him. Why should any employee be paid excessively for doing what they were hired to do? A raise for exceptional performance of job duties, absolutely. But doubling salary? Isn’t there enough greed in this world?


Can’t afford to lose him with the pitiful offense we’re putting out right now. Someone is gonna try to pull him away sooner or later with a big fat offer. Getting out ahead of that is worth it.

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Of course we have to break the piggy bank to keep him, that is understood, he is that valuable. I was just venting about the every growing greed in so many areas of sports, and actually, so many areas of life. Gundy looks like a genius for that hire. He now needs to show us that he can once again bring in a gifted offensive coordinator.

I believe a guy like monken is making 1 million at georgia. U guys rave about him. Isn’t Knowles making a million. He is not going to an elite program so what is the top pay in the second tier for dc

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I don’t know about doubling his salary, but do we want to risk losing what might possibly be the best DC and defense under the Gundy era? Especially since we’ve seen our offense get worse every season in the scoring department?

I won’t berate you, but this isn’t a good comment. I highly doubt you’ve ever seen seen Rounders, but in the words of Teddy KGB, pay the man! We’ve never had a DC capable of doing this two years straight. We need him! Pay him!

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Indiana courted him last year. We pay him, or he’s gone…

$800K. Monken is $1.1 on a waiver.

Georgia DC makes 1.5
There are like 4 or 5 DC that make 2 to 2.5

I dnt my paying him next year. He hasn’t made much on recruiting for this year. We will be losing alot of starters.
I would really like to see how he does with our alot of super seniors.
I thought that was Illinois.

My point is how much of his good works is very old players.

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I don’t even know what Knowles contract is, but I say give a 2-3 year extension and a 10-15% increase year over year. If he can’t stay for a deal like that then let him walk. The defense is good for several reasons. I know people on here probably can’t fathom this, but Gundy is a big reason why the defense is good. He made it a point of emphasis several years ago to focus more heavily on defensive recruiting. It has obviously paid off. Also a ton of credit needs to go to the players. They are ultimately the ones making the plays. I think Knowles is a very good DC, but let’s pump the brakes on backing up the Brinks truck :truck:.

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Don’t get me wrong, I like Knowles. I do think this year our defense has been stacked with experienced players and some pretty good depth. Let’s see how he finishes this year, beginning with Iowa State, before we go to the bank. I think next year will be a critical year for our defense. Will that influence Knowles more than another offer or raise by the Cowboys?

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I’m the same way. How many 5th and 6th year guys do we have on d.
Next year team should be good. We are losing the whole secondary ( I’m counting Sterling I doubt they give wavers for super seniors) the linebackers.
We have backups, but how is the depth.
The d line will be stacked with Martin Ford and Clay. Along with the others.
This recruiting class of 5 is poor. It’s low in numbers and quality. Not saying these guys won’t play down the road.
The offense should be better with more guys getting time played.

One last deal. There is only one elite qb in this league this year.

Like with everything else in this world, you get what you pay for. I’ve been going to Great Clips for haircuts and frustrated because the work they do is very average, at best. But I paid for a haircut at Great Clips so should expect that traditionally low quality of a cut. I had one a while back that did a good job there, but she left because she can make more money elsewhere.

If you want mediocre defense, pay a mediocre salary. If you don’t pay well, then any hire you make that turns out to be above mediocre will just leave to where they get paid the equivalent to their performance. Just basic supply/demand economics at work. Knowles performance indicates he should get a significant raise, so if we want to keep him a significant raise will be required. Otherwise, someone else will pay him what his performance has earned.

I’m all with that if Knowles had been here 5 years.
Most of the defense is still Spencer’s plus are old.
I dnt want to double his pay. That would be more then georgia is paying their.
How much are second tier schools paying good dc.
I know Arkansas is paying their’s a top 5.
He has 5 guys recruited. I dnt see any of these playing in the next 2 years.

For Campbell to call our QB1 ‘consistent’ is both ludicrous and a bit of fact. At this point, he IS consistently inconsistent!! Here is to hoping that we put two good halves together on both sides of the ball. The Texas game, we looked like a top 25 team, but in this weird year, it has us in the top 10. Go figure. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

He consistently turns the ball over…

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He consistently wins. Coming from Campbell not saying he was consistent would be saying his qb isn’t consistent. In the last year both have had 2 games each with 3 pics. The only deal prudy did it in our last game so?

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