Three Things Neal Brown Said Entering the Mountaineers’ Game against OSU

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On Warren, Sanders and OSU’s D.

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Neal Brown looks like Forrest Gump without the buzz cut.

What brown is saying u can throw any cowboy qb in for a win. Hold them to 13 it will.

U should know about Forrest Joey

Win the TO battle and win the game!!

I do. In fact, I watched it the other day when the principal was revealing his IQ to his mother. I immediately thought of Robert28 during that scene of the movie.

I reminded u of the principle. A guy with leadership and intelligence taking care of ur mom

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Well thank you Roberto!!! I appreciate the comment.

I’m glad u confirmed it. U could have just liked my post thats what most people do.

Well…if I did that then we wouldn’t be able to continue our friendly conversation, right?

U could move to a new article

I don’t like this game, purely based on the odds. We’ve beaten them multiple times in a row, plus who among us had us 7-1 at this point? The numbers catch up. WV is due a win over us, and we are due another loss, no matter the opponent. Pokes lose this game. If proven wrong, I will delete this comment. Because of course I will.

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We’re also due for a bedlam win but unfortunately it doesn’t work like that.