Three Things OSU Needs to Go Right to Win Big 12 Title in 2021

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These three things happen, and OSU might be winning the Big 12 in 2021.

Yes as Sanders goes so do we. Last yr we could have been in the title game if he had just not messed up so many times.
So that goes to beating ou we may not have to.
I miss some of Spencer’s d that could get trunovers.

I love the sense of humor you have Boone.

Ok here’s my 3.

  1. OU would need to be hit with NCAA violations and have to forfeit the whole season.

  2. Brock Purdy would need to miss the whole season to injury and ISU have no backup leaving Kolar trying to throw to himself.

  3. Texas finally secede from the United States and so all Texas schools would no longer be part of the conference.


Why did u bring up purdy. He has never beat osu as a starter.
The part about Sanders being just a lil bit better would have beat Texas last yr.
So if u are starting a comic career ur on a good start, u funny.

We all know how bad you want everything to be Sanders fault, but he’s only been on the field the last two years.

Purdy came into the game after their starting QB threw only 2 passes he might as well have started.

Those r the only two years I’m blaming him. Actually the Texas and tcu. Only need him to not suck as much.
Did u see on the daily report osu is one of 3 schools with 15 winning years😇 thats a winner.
Shane won 3 games. Sanders was 5 and 3 last year.
So how about them :apple:

Was he a starter. He was the third qb for them that nite.

Even better. We got torched by a third stringer not even the backup.

Yes that was r best defensive team ever.

Dude! You post on every topic! If you are going to continue posting Please use proper English to communicate.


Probably need to skip my post. U were able to make this out.

@ar1 Nah, we’d lose to K-State under those circumstances :rofl:


It’s because his fingers are covered in grease from the bucket of chicken he’s eating on his couch.

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