Three Things to Know about Oklahoma State's Season-Opening Opponent Central Arkansas

Originally published at: Three Things to Know about Oklahoma State’s Season-Opening Opponent Central Arkansas – Pistols Firing

The Bears’ quarterback nearly upset a Big 12 team before.

I’ll say it right now: I’m not so sure Oklahoma State wins this game.

When you think of Central Arkansas, you should think of Troy, Ala. and Carson-Newman, Tenn.

These are schools that play serious football.

This game will not be as easy as many OSU fans believe – and it won’t be because of OSU…it’ll be because UCA has some talent and will be well-coached!

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UCA went 5-6 last season. They have only one guy transfer in from the portal (TE from Arkansas), and they also gave up 36 ppg. If we don’t put up at least more than 30 points in the first half on these guys, then we should seriously question our offensive staff in this one. This is a game we should win by 50 or more. Let’s not act like we’re playing the North Dakota State of the FCS.

I’m not understanding the logic of the 1st two comments. I didn’t even see a point spread for the game, which tells me if OSU doesn’t win by 40+ points then we likely have issues.

I promise ya if this is a 2 touchdown game or something like that, then we’re not very good. If we somehow lose this game then the season would be a disaster.

My conservative prediction is 48-6 :cowboy_hat_face:

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I’ve followed UCA for 40+ years due to my ties with small colleges.

UCA has been a dominant program in the NAIA and NCAA Division II, only stepping up to play with the big programs in recent years. We’ll be a lot deeper, but they will have talent and they will be well-coached. One example: the UCA offensive line averages 6’4, 315 lbs.

One last important thing: they aren’t just the “Bears.” They’re the “Purple Bears.” :slight_smile:

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UCA is not equivalent to Troy. They’re not even in the same division of football. If the Cowboys don’t score over 50 points and if UCA is within 40 points of the Pokes, then OSU is not a good team. It’s ridiculous that OSU is even playing them.

I believe last year was an exception.

2014 UCA lost to Texas Tech, 35-42
2015 UCA lost to Okla State, 8-32
2017 UCA lost to Kansas State, 19-55
2018 UCA lost to Tulsa, 27-38
2019 UCA beat Western Kentucky, 35-28
2020 UCA beat Missouri Southern, 27-20
2022 UCA lost to Ole Miss, 3-59

All I am saying is this team is no Savannah State. They are much more like Petrino’s Mo. State bunch we struggled against recently.

It doesn’t matter if they can’t run block or protect the QB. They can be a big as they want. The effectiveness of an OL is based on execution more than it is shear size. We’ve got a few years of evidence at OSU over the last decade or so to prove this point.

Should be able to beat these guys by 20 or more points. Nervous about this first game. For OU This guy from bartlesville I new Markell Carter played for them and was drafted by the New England Patriots some years back. I think his team when he was there beat some teams they shouldn’t had beat.

Thanks for the background. I’ll be concerned if this is a close one. Those purple bears better not sneak up on us. It would likely be the most embarrassing loss of the college football season.

The way that I look at it is that this first game is going to be one big science experiment. Going in we have significant changes in personnel and revamped Offense and Defense. Essentially just about everything about this team has changed. I expect that there will be very rough edges everywhere and our execution on both sides of the ball will likely be sub par. So thinking that one will be able to conclude the direction of our season based on this first game is a bit flawed IMO.

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Now that the game is over I need to come on here and take my medicine. You made some solid points. UCA is a better team then I gave them credit for. The quarterback played very solid and overall (besides the kicking game) UCA showed they can play with the big boys. I said if this was a 2 touchdown game then we’re not very good, and I definitely still have a bunch of concerns, but I’m going to give UCA credit. OSU has a ton to cleanup, but I’d rather be OSU than Baylor right now.

UCA had some players on both sides of the ball, but I’m with you…lots of concerns for our Pokes.

I was particularly focused on both lines. How would we do with offensive line and defensive upfront.

I thought Clay was significantly better than Kirkland. Offensively, would’ve helped to have had Wilson, but sheesh…

Going into the game, Kirkland was the player who had me most intrigued. I came away from watching his performance feeling underwhelmed. Pad level seemed too high. Maybe my expectations were way too high, but I was imagining him pushing an offensive lineman 5 yards into the backfield on several occasions. It just didn’t happen like that.


OSU is not a good team.

You got that right.