Three Things to Know about Tulsa Ahead of OSU's Week 2 Matchup

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Both Oklahoma State and Tulsa were shorthanded in their season-openers.

The fact that running back #1 got 15 carries for 30 yards rushing against a mediocre FCS school doesn’t give me much confidence in the offensive line or running game itself. I’m sure we’ll see Mediocre Mike trying to pound the ball on the ground anyway. Because that’s what he does. He’ll do the same thing over and over again even if it puts the team on the ropes of losing the game.

At least he didn’t run it 50 times, rite.

No, but you would think after 11 rushes for 26 yards that’s it’s probably not going to work. Better change the scheme some. Stop doing the same thing over and over again.

Did anyone else notice that Larry Reese brought back the “third and ____ upcoming for the VISITORS” last week? I was so happy to hear that again. To me, it felt like his way of telling the Big XII that we are the top dog now and will no longer bow to their egg-headed regulations.

You would mistake a rock for a diamond.