Three Things Wisconsin Head Coach Luke Fickell Said Ahead of Bowl Game Matchup with Oklahoma State

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Luke Fickell explains his role during Wisconsin’s bowl prep and why he’s not picking the QB.

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There is no way I would bet on this game.

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Yea it’s a mystery as too who will be left on the team to play on either side. The bowl game should be renamed “the few who didn’t enter the portal bowl” or “portal not us bowl” something along those lines

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Not interested

Bowl games are never the same two teams that played in the regular season since nfl hopefuls started declaring for the draft early. Bowl games are extinct. Bad news for bowl eligible Gundy because it’s playoffs or bust. When playoffs expand Gundy will be in trouble.

This is True however given the additional effect of the portal and NIL teams not being the same is way way worse this year.

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We need 32 team playoff

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Gundy probably couldn’t make that.