Three Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 78-37 Victory against Ole Miss

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Marshall tries to collect himself after the Cowboys dismantled Ole Miss.

Ok, this team looks…good!!(??)!!
That was horrific!

At risk of being labeled a grammar nazi, I would like to point out a pet peeve of mine, a grammar mistake of which most sports writers are guilty . . . consider this sentence from the article . . . “That was one of the more dominant defensive performances I recall ever seeing in a basketball game with two Power Five schools in it.”

The use of the word “more” dominant, indicates you are comparing just “one of only two” defensive performances. The correct word to use is “one of the most dominant,” which is comparing three or more defensive performances.

Sports writer, and broadcasters for that matter, used to get this correct several decades ago. The shift to the incorrect usage of the word “more” in place of “most” started back in the late 1980s.

Love Fran Fraschilla for:

  1. His speech about Eddie belonging in the HoF…
  2. Calling this game a “royal butt-whippin from start to finish!”
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What a performance. Yor looked dangerous on offense, those post moves and that jump shows how much he’s improved! Ice is just a beast, the fact he still scores so much without them respecting the jump shot is a testament to him. The poise of this senior led team will allow the young guys to get good experience and development. This is for sure a tournament team