Three Thoughts On The Cowboy Challenge Tournament

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What’s the ceiling and floor for this squad?

Well stated perception about what could happen with the post season good and bad. I think those are pretty serious injuries the team is dealing with so I don’t expect them to finish like the team on paper would have before the season started. I thought they would finish 4th but with that many injuries I think they would be lucky to finish in the top ten. Really tough luck for those kids and John Smith. Bad luck seems to be spread amongst most of OsU’s teams this season. We can only hope they use up their share of bad luck now and then next year all the teams can fire on all cylinders. Has to give the coaches gray hair.

Good article. God knows. Plott has that kind of injury he could be short term player. I do like the freshman. But their freshman.
There are only 3 guys I feel comfortable saying will get the seed.
We haven’t wrestled alot of ranked players. Still no upsets.
This team is beat up but I thought we were deeper. I hope we stay in top 10

Seriously, what’s going on with all the injuries? It’s not just this squad - it’s been happening for several years in a row now. Yes, wrestling is a tough sport, but I’ve been following this team for a couple decades now and in the last couple of years there have been more injuries among starters than ever before. Are they going too hard in the room? Has the training style not adapted enough to the individuals training? Cutting too much weight? Making poor decisions? Not resting enough when injured before going back to the grind? How many other top teams routinely lose 2+ starters a year to injury?

It’s getting to the point where I cringe when our guys are out on the mat, just because there have been so dang many injuries that I’m almost waiting for the next one to happen. And the quantity of injuries makes me wonder “hmm, can we still look at the injuries individually, or is there a systemic issue nudging our athletes towards injury?”

Here are the injuries I can think of off the top of my head. I’m sure I could find more if I looked through old rosters to jog the memory.
Preston Weigel - several season-ending injuries
Boo - several season-ending injuries
Brock - several season-ending injuries
Jojo - several injuries
Montalvo - currently injured
Plott - currently injured
Sheets - currently injured
Gfeller - currently injured, injured last year

If anyone has any perspective on this, I’d be happy to hear it!

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