Tips and tricks for football game weekends?

We’ll be coming to games for the next 4 years and have never been to an OSU game. What are some of your tips for newbies? Hotels, restaurants, parking, tailgating - pretty much any advice is appreciated.

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Eskimo Joe’s is the famous spot for food/drink pre-game. The cheese fries really are good and the beer is cold. I prefer Hideaway Pizza for my pre-game food, but I’m biased because I worked there through school. Both places will have ridiculous lines/wait times so get there at least 3 hours before kick if you want to eat on campus.

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Sounds like you have a student going up there, so give them a tent to block off a tailgate spot on Thursday. It starts around 5 Thursday night of a home game and the tents stay up the whole time. Bring some string or tape and mark off your area (stake it down).

On Friday, get there early, tailgate all day and enjoy yourself. You can go the route of eating at a restaurant, but everywhere is insane. I personally prefer to bring food or grill at the tailgate. You can also hit up Subway by the strip and get a platter of wraps/sandwiches to bring.

Where we tailgate, there’s TVs all around, so you don’t necessarily need to bring one, but if you’re like me, you’d prefer it.

You can also hire out the group that sets everything up for you. I think they’re called “Tailgate Guys” or something. It’s expensive, but they set up tents, TVs, tables, coolers with ice…everything. Bring beer and food and you’re set. They tear it down for you.

The tailgating scene at OSU games has grown into an awesome experience. It’s a great way to meet more fans, and if you’re consistent in the same spot, you’re neighbors will have your back. We got there late for one game last year and on Thursday, our neighbors had blocked off their spot and ours for us.

If it’s an afternoon game and you don’t tailgate, go to Karsten for breakfast/lunch. It won’t be crazy busy and it’s some of the best food you’ll find in town.

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Thanks for the replies. I’m looking forward to the experiences. I’m listening to every podcast I can find and reading every site I know about. Does anyone have a master list of ALL OSU sites, forums, social media to follow, podcasts, etc.?

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Joe’s has take out. Game Day menu is limited, but still has a ton of options. Sweet Peppered bacon cheese fries and the Elm Street Fowl Thing is our order. Fowl thing is big enough for 2 to share, along with the cheese fries. We usually have 3 or 4 people eating the cheese fries. Place your order, then step over to the bar and get a beverage and watch whatever game is on TV until your order is ready.

The Garage is also on the corner opposite Joes, has great burgers, loaded queso, loaded queso fries, and full bar. They have a new app I’ll be testing out this year.

I’m not a big fan of Hideaway. Their pizza just doesn’t do it for me.

Hotels ALWAYS fill up fast. Don’t be afraid to try Perry and Guthrie for a room. May have to drive a little, but better than trying to sleep in a dump of a room with roaches.

We almost always go to the alumni center and grab hideaway and watch other football games. It’s nice and you can always find a seat. Especially during the first few games when it’s scorching hot outside!

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