Tired of Billy Donovan thread

I don’t have a dog in the fight but the Thunder fans at the game today might want this thread!

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He’s done a pretty dang great job this year. Zero reason to fire him.

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Thought he should have called a timeout on the second to last possession. The fans around me were hurling insults at Billy. Kind of funny as an objective spectator.

Maybe he should have. That’s a judgement call obviously. And if the thunder go score a 2 on that possession, then get a stop or foul, you’d rather have the timeout with 5-6 seconds left to draw something up for a last second shot instead of off the inbounds or on the run full court.

He’s done a hell of a job this year. Amazing what happens when the team actually listens to him.

The thunder are way better than they should be, these threads are comical

Dude, the Celtics are good. The Thunder have played well beyond expectations up to this point, one loss isn’t a season breaker.


Not pointed at you @David but this is how college basketball and NBA are different. At an NBA game you’ve got the people who are quite frankly uneducated on the NBA and call for firing because of a timeout in one game against one of the better teams in the league and a 1 point loss (aside: the three CP3 made was an all time back door cover).

In the college game the fans typically know the game and situations, are much more educated on the game and the team normally, and those that aren’t don’t speak up like that yahoos you sat by.

Agreed. It’s even worse for football I think.